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h o m e s c h o o l

Y E A R S  A G O  I homeschooled my oldest daughter.  I absolutely loved it for many reasons.  Being able to choose and know exactly what your child is learning is very comforting as a parent.  Being the first one to teach your child new concepts and having that sort of influence is like non other.  Homeschooling  has its pro's and con's, however I still stand by my resolve that I  LO V E  I T For the summer, the kids and I have begun a little "homeschooling" program to ensure that their learning continues and gives me a much needed homeschooling FIX.
Here are a few of my tips & tricks to start a mini homeschool summer session: T H E  K I T. While it doesn't need to be expensive, you do need a few supplies to get yourself started.  For my middle child I got her a book that has an overview of all the subjects for the grade she is going in to.  You can find these at: Walmart, Amazon or surprisingly the dollar store.  Kumon books on amazon are by far my fav and…

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