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MoM-ster in the House

I woke up at 5:30 am fresh and full of energy!
I quietly slipped out of my bed while my family slumbered on.
Tip toed to my living room, leather bound Bible in hand. I spent the morning with my precious  savior. Praying and getting into the word.  The holy spirit seemed to fill my inner most being .

I felt like I was on cloud nine.  And then the children woke .😌 I digress....

You know the scripture about us being leaky vessels?  Well I was was more like a flood. That morning eveything just went wrong. One kid wouldn't wake up, while the other wouldn't stay asleep.  Beds weren't getting made, teeth weren't being brusbed, clothes weren't being put on. 

The entire morning was a mom fail!  And I didn't handle it with patience and grace.  Nope..
I was annoyed.  I was grumpy. How was this happening?  Just 20 minutes ago, I was filled with the spirit and in utter bliss.

Now I felt like lucifer himself!  As I drove my daughter to school that morning I apologized for …

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