Wednesday, December 15, 2010

She's 2 months!

Wel, I wasn't sure if I would continue a blog!
It's certainly tiring having a baby, but I think now I have gotten into the swing of it...for now!
So let's see the last two months have been interesting! I have to say I was not prepared for going from 1 to 2 children.  It quite an adjustment.  You are so used to putting your attention on one child, that once the next comes, your older child has such a huge adjustment to make.  And I don't care what anyone says no matter how much you include the older siblings, it is hard.  So I had to get used to balancing being mommy to two & wife to one, and just a person in general.  I also ran into some health issues-post partum hemorrhage-YUCK, and getting was rough.  But I am outta the 6 week slump, Miya is growing wonderful.  She is 12.8 lbs now.  I know what a whopper!!  She smiles non-stop...I love it! Her sleep schedule is pretty good, she goes down at 6pm-wakes up around 10 to feed & then 2 to feed & wakes up for 7:30 the next morning!  Some days it's not exact, but she is relatively calm, as long as she is well fed & slept!   The best thing I have learned it the"cry it out method" for sleeping, she actually goes to sleep on her own now with very little to no crying.  So if u ever have kids-I suggest doing that!  As for as getting in shape, I have yet to start, I have lost most of my visible weight-everything left is more toning, I am joining the GYM this week! So I look forward to getting in shape! I can't believe I waited this long to start, but life has kept me super busy!  Anyhow with that, my eyelids are drooping! LOL
Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Miya's Birth Story

My birth Story
Well as you all know, my due date came and went 10/10/10-it was a very sad day for me! 
On Monday of thanksgiving I saw my dad and said 'tomorrow you will have the baby!' I agreed with him, but mostly doubted and thought I would go over due.  I told my family and friends next week-
Well Tuesday I went for a long vigorous walk, ate spicy food,co, and started to feel uneasy by about 4:00pm.  I took a nap and by 6, I had some contractions but it wasn't anything to "get excited about"
At about 6:30 I got the revelation, these are real contractions, but was still in disbelief! Then I had my "bloody show".  That's when  I knew labor was coming, but in my mind it still could have been a couple days!  The contractions got worse, so i timed them, they were coming every 2-4 min.  I told Gary (who wasn't home at the time) it was time to go, he was like "Are you sure?  I think your rushing this??"
Even when he got home, and by then I had to breathe through contractions he still seemed hesitant to leave for the hospital.  Well it's a good thing we did-about 10 min after being in triage of labor & delivery-my water broke! But not just the regular -it had meconium in it-so if that had happened anywhere else, what a mess!!
They admitted me immediately!  At 11:30- I was in my birthing room, bouncing on the ball breathing through contractions & chatting with the nurses.  By 4;30-Hey there folks!
They decided to give me some pitocin to speed things up-and an epi.  I got my epi at 6:00-by 6:20-i was in heaven-and by 6:30-i was crying cause i was in so much pain, they called the dr-to give me more meds-still nothing by 6:45-they thought let's check her-even though about 1 hr ago I was 4 cm-well within 1 hr I was fully 10 cm and that's why the epi wasn't working-it was time to push.  Within 6 pushes Miya Elizabeth came into the world!
She was healthy & covered in poop!! 
It was a wonderful experience, I cried to much-I was in such shock it all happened to quickly!! 
Praise God
Her first day-she got some visitors & now we are home her & her daddy are resting! 
I am hopefully going to do the same!
Thanks all for following!

Welcome Miya Elizabeth Rodney

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

MY DUE DATE 10/10/10

Here I am with my new electric piano!! :D
She loves her little Sister already!
I just can't believe there is a baby in there
The "Fat"Lady :) Heheh!
Walking to church...anything to get this baby OUT!!!

Smiling on the outside....wanting baby out on the inside!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

40 weeks Pregnant

It's saturday-today I spent my day getting ready for church tomorrow.  I also got my hair done-so I don't have to worry about it during labor! At some point next week I am gonna get my toes done!  I know seems silly to want to look good in labor-but with all the pictures and visitors-can u blame me?
It's Sunday- One more week till my expected due date!  Possibly 18 more days till I actually have the baby! Should I go over due, I am waiting 10 days past due date to see if i can deliver naturally!  This is also b/c my last was overdue & I have had 3 different due dates given to me, so I don't want to induce to early unless i need too!
It's monday, I had a dr apt today with my dr.  It was my last apt with him.  Should I go overdue, I have an apt with another dr. I hope to see him again in my delivery room!!  Hopefully he is on rotation when I go in for delivery!! This morning, I had a sharp but breif contraction lasting about 30 second maximum.  I knew it was a contraction cause braxton hicks don't feel like that.  However nothing followed. I don't mind though-i am enjoying my last couple days or possibly week of freedom!
It's Tuesday, last night I slept okay, not as good as past nights.  I had a brisk walk this morning in the rain, I came home exhausted.  Everything feels pretty much normal-I think i am having company tonight so that should be good! Take my mind off things!! Even though i have been more relaxed now than anxious, i guess cause its so close.  I didn't feel the greatest today, had a very deep sleep nap this afternoon! May be the last i catch for quite sometime!
Wednesday-had a little bit of nesting istinncts today, cleaned alot & crashed alot! I am oddly tired this week.But imma enjoy those cry free naps!!
Thursday- woke up with usual energy, then by about 10 was readyf or a morning nap!! did some vaccuming and organizing, this evening I teach piano & then I went to do some shopping! My wonderful husband bought me another full size piano keyboard!  The one I have already we are tired of taking back & forth to church! I ended up with something so nice! That made my evening!
Friday-this morning I am tired of pregnancy! Well more tired of everyone saying "ur still pregnant" "nothing happened yet" "the babies coming" Ahhhh I know!!!! I feel like i am on some sort of time clock ready to explode, and  everyones just waiting! I am actually okay with going a bit overdue,  Ikinda plan too-u know plan for the worst.  But everyone asks me, so have u felt anything yet, if I had I would be in labor! Sorry if ur reading this and ur one of those people who are driving me crazy! I still love you though-and will make sure to do the same to you when ur 40 weeks pregnant! LOL  
Will my 40 weeks is pretty much complete-hopefully there won't be a 41 week entry but a I hade the baby entry!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

39 Weeks Pregnant

Well my week started with a Drs apt.  I was very disappointed that my dr wasn't in again, I haven't seen him for the last 2 apt now-so hopefully the upcoming one monday will be with him.  My husband was away-or is away LOL, this week.  So while he is away I am making the most of my alone time!! Also my daughter will be going away for the weekend!  So I am going to have 2 nights to myself! The last 2 nights I will probably have ot myself in years!!LOL I plan to enjoy them thoroughly! Next week is my no baby week! LOL Meaning I am not aloud to talk about the baby, think about delivery, or read and baby materials!!  I am going to spend the week as though i am not 40 weeks pregnant.  Mostly b/c I know form here onout-its going to be all baby talk & time for me, and when the "hype" wears off, I will wish I had enjoyed my last couple weeks ofr pregnancy focusing my attention on something different!  So other than a dr apt at the beginning of the week, i will refuse to give my attention to the last week of pregnancy, so next week no one call me asking about it! LOL When I am in labor you will know! Side note-what a difference of my stomach in this dress at 39 weeks and this dress at 24 weeks.  I really wonder what size this baby will be!!  Hopefully not too big!!  LOL  Well thats it for this week! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

38 Weeks Pregnant

So this week the nursery and everythign is officially finished!!  If the baby came now i would be completly prepared! Well... at least prepared to take care of her, not prepared for labor,.  This whole time I have been playing it cool, and haven't had much worry about labor.  I figured i got through it once i certainly can do it again!  Well I just realized tonight I am crazy for thinking this way! Although the statement is true, i find myself very concerened about labor all of a sudden?  Will I be able to handle it?  What if I am not as strong as i was 6 years ago??  All these crazy thoughts came flooding in at about 12:00 am, and now i can't sleep! So i thought i would vent via blog!!  It also hit me that this time next month i will already have my baby, even if i go over due!  Thats exciting! I feel pretty prepared for the sleepless nights, seems like I am already experiencing them.  I do remember when i had tiana by the 3rd night i was so exhausted, well actually i felt so tired all the time.  I would look forward to the weekends when her grandma would watch her for 5 hrs or so!!This week at the dr everything went well.  My fundus(top of uterus to bottom) is measuring small & the dr said i don't look huge like i thought i was!  That was encouraging, i also only gained 1 pound-cause the last time i gained 2 pounds extra for the week, and i had already gained a bit extra throughout earlier weeks.  I have been doing lots of walking though, so i am pretty sure thats helping! I wasn't up for a photo this week, but i took one-ugghgh YUCK!! This will probably be my last!  This pregnancy thing has lost its cuteness! LOL

Friday, September 17, 2010

37 Weeks Pregnant!

Aaahhh, I am having a baby! I was packing my hospital bag today and doing the babies laundry & it hit me!!I didn't cry although,I wanted too! But it was a very overwhelming feeling.  Something about folding the little wash cloths and putting the babies 1st outfit into then bag just made everythign very final!!
Then I went shopping for some baby clothes cause I didn't have vey much & I found this adorable jumper that says "I love my mommmy",my eyes filled with water in the store.  I was thinking to myself  "Vic get it together, your in public".  Next week I do the final shop for baby items and then I am done, so I am very happy about that! This week my carpel tunnel syndrome got worse, it get so painful at night .  I hope it leaves immediately after pregnancy!  It was a pretty good week this week.  Its been very busy with the rally so I am so excited for next week to stay home and "Nest" LOL.  My daughter is getting increasingly excited, which is making me more excited by the minute!  Its going to be a wonderful time!!  I know one thing though I will not miss being pregnant!! LOL  It just not fun! In the picture I am sporting my new stroller & car seat!  Very excited to use those!! Also this week my Dad gave me my breast pump & a portable travel diaper warmer, they are getting quite advanced now in the things available for babies.  Even when I had my daughter 6 yrs ago there wasn't this huge a selection of things!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

36 Weeks Pregnant

This week pregnancy has been the last thing on my mind! My 6 yr old started Gr.1!! It was very emotional, just can't believe how quickly she has grown up on me! It seems like maybe a couple years ago she was born, not 6 years!  So my weekend proir to school starting I spend, reorganizing her room, getting out all her back to school stuff! And mentally preparing myself not to cry! But I did briefly, when i saw her old teacher  I am actually really glad the baby isn;t due until October because it gives me a month to get into the swing of things with her.  I also will be able to enjoy this special time with her aswell, before being exausted with dealing with a new born. I also made a huge list of all the things I need to do and buy before the baby comes.  Oh my gosh the list feels like its never ending, and i have done so much already.  I read in this article that you shouldn't expect to finish everythign before the baby comes! Well I certainly do!!  You just don't realize how much children need, especially when u had nothing to begin with.  I only have a few toys of tianas and clothes from about 3 years old and up.  But as for a new born I have diddly squat! As much as I want the baby to come early, I don't want her to come before I have everything in order.  I am very much an orderly person when it comes to these thigns and when I get caught of guard I get frazzled!!  Babies are already so unpredictable so its just nice to know if they get sick u already stocked up on tempra, or u have the next size of diapers ready to go! As far as baby his week, she has started to move horizontally it feels like-as if she is trying to stretch out, and yowza, it hurts!! Definitely got an active little on in there!! I gave the baby her first spanking today cause she was kicking me so hard! LOL, i didn't change anything but made me feel better! 

Friday, September 3, 2010

35 Weeks Pregnant

Week 35 of pregnancy has been interesting.  My week started very busy, I had to go & take care of my sick grandfather in Kitchener for a couple days & then rush back for church. His home barely had AC, so i had swelling in my hands and feet-which was my first time experiencing real swelling.  Also I have developed mild carpel tunnel syndrom in my hands, which is common in pregnancy,I even got it with Tiana, but it has just made sleeping all the more difficult.  I am very excited though that its September, now it means
I only have amonth left, I am on the home stretch!! Possibly the baby could come sooner.  I have a feeling it will, just with how my body has been.  But then again, you never know.This weekI had a couple last minute things to get for the nursery, i still need to finish packing my hospital bag.  Yeserday I was having some cramps in my tummy and  it hit me that
I really am having a baby soon, and iI really began to think about how much my life will change.  I so look forward to having another child to share my life with, Tiana has brought so much joy to my life & just seeing her have a sibling is going to be wonderful.  She is so happy, always so concerned about my belly, and how her little sister is doing! She has been so caring,I look forward to seeing them together!! This picture is of myself and Tiana when we went to visit my grandpa!! This was the day I began to swell! LOL

Saturday, August 28, 2010

34 Weeks Pregnant

This week was quite relaxing, I just took it easy, as last week I had so much hustle and bustling around to do!
I  figure this really is my last week of relaxation cause next week i have to prepare for back to school, and make sure the nursery is done! My goal was the end of august!  It seems I will be able to make that goal!  My Dr. Apt this week went well! My little one has gone into head down position, which is good!  My tummy dropped so thats been nice, i feel like i can breath again,  but i have to pee every five seconds! The baby moves so vigorously sometimes i feel like she is wrestling to come out!  It actually hurts when she kicks now! LOL The other night i was practically yelling at my stomach for the baby to stop! My daughter tiana was like can she hear you, and i was like well she better! LOL Well other than that i don't have much else to say!! Other than 6 more weeks to go!! :D Also this week almost all my baby stuff came in, so i got to set up the nursery! YAY! I had a good time doing it, everything from this point on is easy assembly-well actually we still need to assemble the change table! So here is hoping that is easy!! I still need to add a few touches, like a shelf to the right of the window, and those brown baskets on the floor are going to go on the shelves of the change table.  But at least now if my baby comes we would be able to make do!  ALso my lovely Stroller & Car seat came in! SO i have had quite a busy day trying to set that up aswell!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

33 Weeks Pregnant

Things are winding down now, and as much as its gone by quickly, its starting to feel very very slow!!This week I had a lot of discomfort! Tons of Braxton Hicks conrtactions, back ache, leg cramps, allergies
and even some wierd heat rash bump thing!  Oh and I forgot Insomnia!  So for those who are tuning in at this point, this weeks entry will definitely keep you from wanting to get pregnant.  I really am starting to miss feeling light! LOL
Also not being able to sleep on my stomach is so upseting!!  I know, I know, this entry sounds so boo hoo!But its just a practical part of pregnancy! This week & my week travelling in Tucson have been the hardest two weeks since i have been pregnant. Thats not bat though 2/33! LOL My little one, has gotten quite big, she squrism and turns A LOT! And the kicking isn't quite as comfortable!On a brighter note, next week I am looking forard to all my nursery furnitue coming in!  It should be interesting trying to set up the crib& glider! Oh and on the bright side of things MY BELLY DROPPED!!  I just noticed this evening, it has taken some weight of my chest area, but that would explain the back ache for the week!

Friday, August 13, 2010

32 Weeks Pregnant!

32 WeeksYAY! So exciting, that this time is winding down! I went to the OB today, just a routine check up! All is well, baby is doing well!!  Growing nicely!!  It was interesting going to the dr's office & seeing all the different pregnant ladies-and all the different shaped tummies. Some high, some low, some big, some small, some looked like basketballs others were more wide!!  But beautiful all the same.  This week pregnancy wise has been great, life was a bit stressful
but praise God for a wonderful husband! He has done such a good job helping me take it easy and relax and not stress too much!!  When I had my first daughter I had no one to encourage me or help me get through it, and not everyone in my life was interested in not stressing me out, so needless to say it was a hectic pregnancy.  The only difference in this one is that so many people have been so concerned and such a blessing,  Even those who take the time to follow my blog (Karyn) LOL I really appreciate!!  It just shows that they care!  Pregnancy is a wonderful time to be surround by those you love & that love you!! So this week I want to say thank you to all my Friends & Family who have been there for me!! Your a blessing!   OKay enough of the mushy gushies, we are on a hunt for a name! I think i have the perfect one,  but i still want to hear your ideas!  Post your name ideas if you can think of any! :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

31 Weeks Pregnant!!

Well its the moment we have all been waiting for!!  The announcement of what I am having!!
 At my ulltra sound back in May the lady said it was a bit foggy in there and the baby would not show it's the sex.  Finally she managed to get a peak and said it was a "Lovely Baby Girl"  My daughter Tiana was soooooooooo happy to be having a little sister!
When I told my husband he was so excited!!  its funny cause alot of people thoguht i twas having a boy!  I have to say though a few were right on their guesses!!  I guess though one will not know for sure
until the baby comes out!  I was almost positve I was having a boy cause this pregnancy has been so different from the last!
The oldwives tales, have really been nothing but" old wives tales". I had my shower with my family & friends! I had such a wonderful time!  I got blessed unbelievably!! It was fun seeing everyones response to what I was having! For those who were wrong & those who were right about the baby!  This time has been so special to me, and I was
so thankful to all those who attended and made the day special for me! So many people have just made this pregnancy so wonderful and stress free! I really appreciate them for that!! At the shower I literally got showered with gifts, this baby is going to have everything! LOL
I am excited about my Peg Perego Stroller & Car seat, my nursery set & crib, monitors, bottle warmers, eddie Bauer diaper bag,
crib mobile, safety first baby toiletries, chocolate brown baskets filled with the whole of shoppers drug mart baby section, bottle sterilizer, bottle warmer, humidifier, clothes, blankets and Too  much more to list!!  We had a lot of fun playing games, and I received a wonderful speech from a friend of mine! It was truly a unique shower, nothing like I have ever experienced!! 
The weather was wonderful, not to hot! I have been so lucky with the heat and outdoor events!  And the food was yummy, cake was good, I really have no complaints!!  What a wonderful time! I could relive the day over and over again!Well thats all for this week! :D
I feel like I am missing something?  Mmmmmh did anything else happen? The baby moved a lot this week, 

I feel like my belly popped out big time! LOL I am looking forward for October!!  I feel so much more prepared now!

Friday, July 30, 2010

30 Weeks Pregnant

10 More Weeks Left! Yay!! I am trying not to do too much counting down, but I can't help it!! I can't wait to see my little bundle of joy!  This week nothing eventful really happened, other than I have video footage of the baby moving! So that's exciting!!  I was going to post it, but it wouldn't work! Sorry! :(
This week I found I have been hungrier than usual! I ate a whopper today! Mmmmhh! Oh and that picnic I was praying about being cool, it really was that day! I was so happy. It kinda got rained out though, but I didn't mind, at least it wasn't sweltering on the bus! Actually some people were kinda cold!  But it was perfect for me!!This week I went to the Dr, for my routine check up and took my gestational diabetes test! My Doc made me laugh< i asked him "How he was" and he's like "Not Pregnant"  I told him he was lucky and he's like "believe me  i know that more than most men!"  Also I was complaining about weight gain, cause i am gaining weight but i can't see it! And he's like "Well, uh did your stomach always look like that?" LOL Other than that my week was busy with routine stuff, church, follow up & house work! I am excited for the Month of August because I am going to start purchasing baby things!! And setting up the nursery!  That will be so much fun!! I remember with Tiana I painted her room green at 7 1/2 month pregnant!  it was hilarious, I also assembled her crib all by myself-and moved the furniture around in her room! I remember I had a stage where i needed everything to be just so!!  I haven't gotten like that yet in this pregnancy, but i have a feeling I am getting there! Its called the "Nesting Phase", i was just informed of it by my Pastor! I thought it was neat he knew about that kinda thing!  Well that's all for this week, oh i also went to check out my stomach pain Sunday night in the labor & delivery unit, they said its not baby related, probably just because all my  muscles are stretching and insides are being squished in to one area!  I got to listen to my babies heart beat for one hour, it almost put me to sleep! What a wonderful sound!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

29 Weeks Pregnant

So far so good, this week Tiana is in vacation bible school, so I have had a bit of a break as far as taking care of her is concerned!! My only issue has been my upper abdomen has been sore, almost like I got punched  up there, (I didn't LOL).  So i will bring it up to my Dr. next week at my apt.   I think its just the stretching of
muscles, but we'll see.  "I am not a Doctor" LOL. Baby is doing wonderfully, now we get to see little feet and elbows sticking out!! Thats been so wonderful, its really helped me bonding to the baby too! I have noticed alot of women are pregnant, and a lot are due around the same time as me! Everywhere I go I see at least 2 pregnant ladies, and usually if I have convo with them they are due anywhere from september -november!  I think its a baby boom!!  We had a dinner the other night & everyone was putting in their guess for what I am having!  It funny cause its really been 50/50 of what I have heard.  It has been quiet entertaining to listen to everyones reasons as to why I am having what I am having! I do look forward to sharing with my family & friends!  It will be fun to hear some of the reactions.
Here are some of the old wives tale reasons people have told me I aam havign what I am having
1) Your carrying high so its a girl
2) Your carrying more out front than around the waste so its a boy
3) You like orange juice so its a girl
4) The heart beat is slow so its a boy
5) You didn't have morning sickness so its a boy
6)Haven't lost your beauty so its a boy
7)I held a boy baby & it didn't cry so its a girl
8)And the lady at the ultrasound you'll just have to wait till Aug!!LOL
Anyhow, I am off to bed, its quite late & I have a very busy weekend ahead of me! I get to look forward to 2 hours on a noisy non air conditioned bus with 50 people saturday! As we travel to Wasaga beach for a church picnic! That should be interesting! I was on a bus today with no Air COnditioning! OH my gosh I was so uncomfortable! So I pray its cool on saturday! 
Wishful Thinking!

Friday, July 16, 2010

28 Weeks Pregnant!

I am officially tired of being pregnant this week! LOL
I feel huge & I can't sleep, like ever!!  I toss & turn & then toss some more.My skin is all of a sudden acting up,it just feels irritable & i feel puffy! LOL
I don't feel like getting all dolled up!! I just want to sit in my sweats and see no one for the next 11 weeks!  If only that were possible!! LOL  I am not really in the mood for a photo this week,not that you can tell by the photo, just because one day i will appreciate the memory!As far as baby is concerned, the crazy summersaults have continued & the baby is like the length of a loaf of bread now! I can't believe I have something that big in my tummy!!  But when the baby kicks I am like-well it certainly feels like it! Sometimes the baby moves into these odd positions in my lower pelvis & i am like "WHOA", this feels interesting. Usually its when i go from standing to sitting! This odd feeling comes over my tummy,  I don't know if you have ever looked at what happens to a women's organs when she gets pregnant but my stomach has pushed itself up into my rib cage, the other day i felt sick, but not in where my stomach would normally be.  I was so puzzled, then i remembered my stomach is much higher than usual & thats most likely why my upper abdomen hurts!! On a brighter note-I am very excited to see my little one, i dreamt about it last night! I keep envisioning cuddling, and all the cute little things  babies do for the first year-and then they move onto another stage. Everyday Tiana makes my day when she comes and hugs my stomach.  I am surprised she doesn't ask me everyday  "When is the baby coming out?"Today she sang to may stomach, its very precious, I am so fortunate to have Tiana & am thankful God has blessed me with another child! Also finally my husband felt the baby kick twirl and thump last night!! YAY!  At first he was like ur doing it on purpose & then I think he realized I am not skilled enough to move my stomach like that! I was very Happy!! :D

Friday, July 9, 2010

27 Weeks Pregnant

The Ripple Effect

Well my little bundle of joy had myself & Gary laughing last evening. I was lying down and the baby was doing all sorts of summer saults and crazy things and it looked like a ripple effect in my tummy!  It was hilarious, seeing the baby move & kick through my stomach!  It was wonderful for my family to see. It seems even more real than a kick.  Tiana was the most fascinated,the baby would respond to our talking to it as well as our touching my stomach.  Gary was halarious he's like i don't think we should press your belly its not good for the baby!! So protective!! LOL Other than that this week was good.  I have to go take the gestational diabetes test, i may take it in my 28th week. I already received the requisition for it, and they like  to take it in between the 26-28th week.  I am so tired of all these apts, i feel like i am constantly at the drs' and after 28 weeks my ob apt go from once every month to twice a month-and i live in north york & my ob is in Mississauga! So i don't like the commute unless i can get the car. Aaah well, life it sonly for a couple more months, i can't belive  only like 3 months left pretty much!! It is going very quickly, i guess cause summers are always so jammed packed with events so u don't have much time to notice how slow time goes.  This summer i have, an invasion team, picnic, ladies classes, weddings, showers, dinner event & a visit to montreal to visit my cousin.  Almost every weekend is booked! Actually come to think of it, every weekend is booked! Then come september thinkgs slow down a bit as its back to school, but the rally will make up for it & then its baby time!! YAY!!
ON another note, i watched a birthing video today-oh my word,i didn't know thats what goes on down there, OUCH!!! I know i did this before but i mean i wasn't looking obviously-an do kind of remember seeing a video in parenting class but wow, i can't unclench, it looked so painful! And they even shoed them giving an episiotamy!! OWWWWW I didn't get snipped thank God-but yeh definatly no one other than nurses should watch that, its not beautiful, like once the baby comes out its great but the process EEEWWW!! Sorry to all those who think child birth is such a beautiful thing, but perhaps you need to see this video and u may change your mind! The baby is the only beautiful thing about it!! Ahh, i feel traumatized! LOLHopefully i will forget about it in 13 weeks, but definatly i don't want any spectators for that event...just the dr & nurse, we need no one to look! LOL  If i were in the room i would look away for sure!! I will be in the room! LOL
Also my braxton hicks contractions have started, man those are quite uncomfortable, i don't remember getting them with my daughter Tiana. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

26 Weeks Pregnant!

Well my visit to Dr. Gurland went well!! He turned out to be so nice!! It was nice seeing him again after 6 years, he even seemed happy to see my daughter Tiana, who he delivered when she was born!
This week I am starting to feel more "big".  I have to rest more & take it easy when I walk.  For those who know me I am a super fast walker and that I have even had to tone down a bit!!  Actually a lot last night!!
We went to see fire works for Canada Day!  I was so uncomfortable by the end of the evening!!
As far as baby is concerned! Fetal Movement has been intense!!  We have our selves quite the little kicker! 
Sleeping has become increasingly difficult!! It depressing that my good sleep has been thrown out the window for at least the next 10 months to a year!  I have been praying though for a miracle baby that sleeps through the night from the get go!!  Pray with me please! LOL

Friday, June 25, 2010

25 Weeks Pregnant!!

Well I have finally adjusted from travelling to Tucson for conference.  It was certainly nice to get home! And I must say it is not at all easy to travel pregnant.  Maybe I am all alone on this one but YIKES!!

This week I transfer from my regular Dr. to my OBGYN!  I  have the same OB as I did when I had my first child.  And I am pretty happy about that, he isn't the nicest, but he does a good job and from what I have heard from other moms that have had him, he's gotten better over the years.  
My weight gain so far has been pretty average, I notice most of my gain in my tummy.  I still fit in my regular jeans!! YAY!!
Some days I do feel a  bit puffy-but than it goes down.  My little one, is kicking up a storm. When it kicks I can't even concentrate on other things because I want to cherish every second of it!! 

I do already know what I am having, but my friends putting on the shower for me are going to have an old wives tale guessing game and than I will reveal the gender at the end! So is been interesting keeping the secret thus far.  I also didn't want to be bombarded with all blues or all pinks!!  I wanted more neutral things so that I can save them for my next child.  I do look forward to calling my baby by name and not just baby or it! (aaw it just kicked now as i said it!...doesn't like that i guess!:))

Monday, June 21, 2010

24 Weeks Pregnant

Well I have finally approached my sixth month of pregnancy!! YAY!!
Sometimes pregnancy can feel so long, but so far so good!!
My baby is very healthy and always kicking up a storm! I always get
excited when I feel the little kicks nudges and nodds! There really is
no greater joy than having a baby!! My daughter is super excited to be
a big sister!! And daily rubs my tummy & talks to her new sibling!
Now I am at the point I can tell when the baby is awake & asleep!
Thankfully the wake hours are during the day! Lets hope this continues!
I am starting to feel a bit big now, my hands had swollen a bit today-I went on a 3 hr walk though so no wonder!!
I will be taking it easy tomorrow though!!
I didn't realize how far the ice cream store was!! LOL
WHat a pregnant lady will do for some good ice-cream!! :D
Well thats all for today

Trimester Stories

Date:June 26 2010
The Kicking Game
So my lovely baby and I had a wonderful moment this morning.  I would press in on my tummy with my hand & then the baby would kick back! I would proceed to press again and the baby would kick back!!  It was really adorable to me! And was a very special moment. Also today my friend got to feel my baby kick, she was excited & other than my daughter she is the only other person who has felt the baby move.  Usually when people put their hand on my tummy, nothing else happens!!  Even my husband said today how he didn't feel the baby move yet!
Aah well, it was a nice day as for movement!!  Every time I feel my baby move i am just so grateful to have a healthy baby!!

Date: June 22 2010

Well today I wasn't feeling the greatest, I guess I am still adjusting to the time zone and recovering from travelling! Anyhow I asked my daughter to rub my tummy for me and sing to the baby,
so she starts singing 'mary had a little lamb' with her cheek to my tummy. I was liIt'scwhat are you doing?' and she said she wanted to see what the baby was doing!! Well each time she put her cheek to my tummy the baby kicked! It was cute because Tiana got so excited, and said 'Mommy Mommy the baby kicked me', sure enough she puts her cheek back and the baby kicks her happened three times, and they were hard kicks too! It was a special moment for both of us, more for her-cause she felt like 'wow mommy there is a baby in there your not just getting fat!' And I was happy to share the moment with her as well. Its always hard to time people catching the baby kick, like they will kick up a storm and the second I say okay feel... it stops!!
My husband Gary has only felt it kick once, and it was a light kick! How amazing how a little baby can be in your womb!! What a miracle

Felt my baby & Ultra S0und 

Well I am a bit late, I had my ultra sound last week, on monday & wednesday!
I cried of course when i saw the baby! I just couldn't believe it was moving and okay!! I was so happy!! And on wednesday got to see the baby again with Tiana! It was very special, I was awwed!! The little guy/ gal just kept moving and twirling all cute!!
Then today I felt the baby flutter a couple times, which was neat-i kind of don't believe i felt the baby! But at the same time i don't normally get these little fluttery feelings in my stomach!
Well that's all I wanted to share

Morning sickness is light

This morning i got up too fast-ate a yogurt and gulped down cold water! Well what a no no! Minutes later I was throwing it up in the sink & then in the toilet!!(sorry if that ruined your breakfast! I felt a bit queezy-and i know i am pregnant cause all i want to eat is kraft dinner! It's funny cause about a month ago i felt kraft dinner had lost its touch to me, but now i am right back on the band wagon!! LOL I don't really feel for healthy food-i do like fruits but full meals are just not appealing right now!I am sure once I am in my 2nd timester i will be alright

It's almost been a week since i have known!

This week has been interesting, a very low energy mild nasea week. The thing for me though is that I am already prone to nasea so I have to take it easy as my body could make it worse at any moment. I find i am most queezy when i don't eat in the morning...and then i am fine for about a 1/2 hr. Then i start to feel queezy again and this is usually when i eat a small snack and i feel better, then i lie down and when i get up it usually triggers so more nausea and then finally after i eat in the evening time, i feel a bit funny but it is so mild i can kind of ignore it!I know when I had my first daughter it was much worse than this so i really shouldn't complain

Craving 101

Last night I got my first craving for a "big mac"-when i ate it i wasn't completly satisfied though b/c it was kinda cold but yummy all the same, i really wanted turky & Havarti on fresh bread-but then i realized i can't eat turkey unless its heated so i had "toad in a whole" instead. Which i really enjoyed but now the idea has made me feel kinda sick cause the sausage wasn't very crispy! I don't really believe in food cravings though, it's all in the mind-and an excuse to eat! LOL So i try not to indulge in them often, but my pregnancy just started-so whats one food adversion!!


New Born Diapers
Today i bought my first pack of Newbie diapers! It was such a surreal feeling, i am feeling very full today, i feel this diet has way more food than i would usually eat, but before i would just fil up on lots of cards & sugars! So its interesting eating healthy!


Well I just had to tell him, so when he came hom from biblestudy i had wrapped one of Tiana's first sleepers she wore home from the hospital & a little note saying conratz daddy & the positive pregnancy test in a little package. I said "i have something for you". And he said 'what' and i handed it to him. He was like "what's this" and i was like "read it". And then he said "ur pregnant" & i said "yes" & he had the biggest smile i have ever seen him have on. Then he looked like he had tears in his eyes and hugged me. He looked very happy and told me he was very excited! I felt glad that i told him!

Well today was church, it's interesting trying to hide something you are so excited about, even having to hide it from my daughter until i am ready to let everyone know. Yesterday i bought my first maternity dress, it's gonna be my "little black dress". I even put on the "baby bump" to see what it will look like with a tummy. So cute, i really hope i stay fit for this and in shape!! I look forward to tommorrow-cause i am gonna start my pregnancy diet & the excersise and that sort of stuff, i have felt pretty good, just tired-i went to bed at 8PM yesterday! I am trying to do my best not to complain about pregnancy sypmtons no matter how bad they are...Having a child is such a blessing & i want to enjoy every min of it. My body is tired though!

Finding Out I was Pregnant

Well this morning I found out I am pregnant!! D
I had a hunch I was, I dreamt about it last night, and have been feeling a bit over weight for the last couple weeks. This last week i noticed my tummy looked pregnant and i just felt funny. So not to my surprise but at the same time to my surprise I am pregnant!! So excited though, i have not told my husband yet-i plan to tell him in this evening.  I want to call him now and tell him, but yah i won't be doing that! I need to figure out a nice way to tell him! I cried when i found out-tears of joy though-this could not be a better time-tiana, will be in school full day by the time the baby is due.  The baby is Due Oct 10-i always wanted to have a baby due early in the year-but that's okay-as long as they are healthy!!
I have been praying for twins so i wonder if i am going to get twins?
Well today i feel fine, nothing out of the ordinary-I am really praying for a miracle pregnancy, no morning sickness, no acne, no water retention, stay slim & fit, feel great and energetic, no swelling & fast delivery! We weren't planning on getting pregnant now...but i am glad we are!!