Friday, July 30, 2010

30 Weeks Pregnant

10 More Weeks Left! Yay!! I am trying not to do too much counting down, but I can't help it!! I can't wait to see my little bundle of joy!  This week nothing eventful really happened, other than I have video footage of the baby moving! So that's exciting!!  I was going to post it, but it wouldn't work! Sorry! :(
This week I found I have been hungrier than usual! I ate a whopper today! Mmmmhh! Oh and that picnic I was praying about being cool, it really was that day! I was so happy. It kinda got rained out though, but I didn't mind, at least it wasn't sweltering on the bus! Actually some people were kinda cold!  But it was perfect for me!!This week I went to the Dr, for my routine check up and took my gestational diabetes test! My Doc made me laugh< i asked him "How he was" and he's like "Not Pregnant"  I told him he was lucky and he's like "believe me  i know that more than most men!"  Also I was complaining about weight gain, cause i am gaining weight but i can't see it! And he's like "Well, uh did your stomach always look like that?" LOL Other than that my week was busy with routine stuff, church, follow up & house work! I am excited for the Month of August because I am going to start purchasing baby things!! And setting up the nursery!  That will be so much fun!! I remember with Tiana I painted her room green at 7 1/2 month pregnant!  it was hilarious, I also assembled her crib all by myself-and moved the furniture around in her room! I remember I had a stage where i needed everything to be just so!!  I haven't gotten like that yet in this pregnancy, but i have a feeling I am getting there! Its called the "Nesting Phase", i was just informed of it by my Pastor! I thought it was neat he knew about that kinda thing!  Well that's all for this week, oh i also went to check out my stomach pain Sunday night in the labor & delivery unit, they said its not baby related, probably just because all my  muscles are stretching and insides are being squished in to one area!  I got to listen to my babies heart beat for one hour, it almost put me to sleep! What a wonderful sound!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

29 Weeks Pregnant

So far so good, this week Tiana is in vacation bible school, so I have had a bit of a break as far as taking care of her is concerned!! My only issue has been my upper abdomen has been sore, almost like I got punched  up there, (I didn't LOL).  So i will bring it up to my Dr. next week at my apt.   I think its just the stretching of
muscles, but we'll see.  "I am not a Doctor" LOL. Baby is doing wonderfully, now we get to see little feet and elbows sticking out!! Thats been so wonderful, its really helped me bonding to the baby too! I have noticed alot of women are pregnant, and a lot are due around the same time as me! Everywhere I go I see at least 2 pregnant ladies, and usually if I have convo with them they are due anywhere from september -november!  I think its a baby boom!!  We had a dinner the other night & everyone was putting in their guess for what I am having!  It funny cause its really been 50/50 of what I have heard.  It has been quiet entertaining to listen to everyones reasons as to why I am having what I am having! I do look forward to sharing with my family & friends!  It will be fun to hear some of the reactions.
Here are some of the old wives tale reasons people have told me I aam havign what I am having
1) Your carrying high so its a girl
2) Your carrying more out front than around the waste so its a boy
3) You like orange juice so its a girl
4) The heart beat is slow so its a boy
5) You didn't have morning sickness so its a boy
6)Haven't lost your beauty so its a boy
7)I held a boy baby & it didn't cry so its a girl
8)And the lady at the ultrasound you'll just have to wait till Aug!!LOL
Anyhow, I am off to bed, its quite late & I have a very busy weekend ahead of me! I get to look forward to 2 hours on a noisy non air conditioned bus with 50 people saturday! As we travel to Wasaga beach for a church picnic! That should be interesting! I was on a bus today with no Air COnditioning! OH my gosh I was so uncomfortable! So I pray its cool on saturday! 
Wishful Thinking!

Friday, July 16, 2010

28 Weeks Pregnant!

I am officially tired of being pregnant this week! LOL
I feel huge & I can't sleep, like ever!!  I toss & turn & then toss some more.My skin is all of a sudden acting up,it just feels irritable & i feel puffy! LOL
I don't feel like getting all dolled up!! I just want to sit in my sweats and see no one for the next 11 weeks!  If only that were possible!! LOL  I am not really in the mood for a photo this week,not that you can tell by the photo, just because one day i will appreciate the memory!As far as baby is concerned, the crazy summersaults have continued & the baby is like the length of a loaf of bread now! I can't believe I have something that big in my tummy!!  But when the baby kicks I am like-well it certainly feels like it! Sometimes the baby moves into these odd positions in my lower pelvis & i am like "WHOA", this feels interesting. Usually its when i go from standing to sitting! This odd feeling comes over my tummy,  I don't know if you have ever looked at what happens to a women's organs when she gets pregnant but my stomach has pushed itself up into my rib cage, the other day i felt sick, but not in where my stomach would normally be.  I was so puzzled, then i remembered my stomach is much higher than usual & thats most likely why my upper abdomen hurts!! On a brighter note-I am very excited to see my little one, i dreamt about it last night! I keep envisioning cuddling, and all the cute little things  babies do for the first year-and then they move onto another stage. Everyday Tiana makes my day when she comes and hugs my stomach.  I am surprised she doesn't ask me everyday  "When is the baby coming out?"Today she sang to may stomach, its very precious, I am so fortunate to have Tiana & am thankful God has blessed me with another child! Also finally my husband felt the baby kick twirl and thump last night!! YAY!  At first he was like ur doing it on purpose & then I think he realized I am not skilled enough to move my stomach like that! I was very Happy!! :D

Friday, July 9, 2010

27 Weeks Pregnant

The Ripple Effect

Well my little bundle of joy had myself & Gary laughing last evening. I was lying down and the baby was doing all sorts of summer saults and crazy things and it looked like a ripple effect in my tummy!  It was hilarious, seeing the baby move & kick through my stomach!  It was wonderful for my family to see. It seems even more real than a kick.  Tiana was the most fascinated,the baby would respond to our talking to it as well as our touching my stomach.  Gary was halarious he's like i don't think we should press your belly its not good for the baby!! So protective!! LOL Other than that this week was good.  I have to go take the gestational diabetes test, i may take it in my 28th week. I already received the requisition for it, and they like  to take it in between the 26-28th week.  I am so tired of all these apts, i feel like i am constantly at the drs' and after 28 weeks my ob apt go from once every month to twice a month-and i live in north york & my ob is in Mississauga! So i don't like the commute unless i can get the car. Aaah well, life it sonly for a couple more months, i can't belive  only like 3 months left pretty much!! It is going very quickly, i guess cause summers are always so jammed packed with events so u don't have much time to notice how slow time goes.  This summer i have, an invasion team, picnic, ladies classes, weddings, showers, dinner event & a visit to montreal to visit my cousin.  Almost every weekend is booked! Actually come to think of it, every weekend is booked! Then come september thinkgs slow down a bit as its back to school, but the rally will make up for it & then its baby time!! YAY!!
ON another note, i watched a birthing video today-oh my word,i didn't know thats what goes on down there, OUCH!!! I know i did this before but i mean i wasn't looking obviously-an do kind of remember seeing a video in parenting class but wow, i can't unclench, it looked so painful! And they even shoed them giving an episiotamy!! OWWWWW I didn't get snipped thank God-but yeh definatly no one other than nurses should watch that, its not beautiful, like once the baby comes out its great but the process EEEWWW!! Sorry to all those who think child birth is such a beautiful thing, but perhaps you need to see this video and u may change your mind! The baby is the only beautiful thing about it!! Ahh, i feel traumatized! LOLHopefully i will forget about it in 13 weeks, but definatly i don't want any spectators for that event...just the dr & nurse, we need no one to look! LOL  If i were in the room i would look away for sure!! I will be in the room! LOL
Also my braxton hicks contractions have started, man those are quite uncomfortable, i don't remember getting them with my daughter Tiana. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

26 Weeks Pregnant!

Well my visit to Dr. Gurland went well!! He turned out to be so nice!! It was nice seeing him again after 6 years, he even seemed happy to see my daughter Tiana, who he delivered when she was born!
This week I am starting to feel more "big".  I have to rest more & take it easy when I walk.  For those who know me I am a super fast walker and that I have even had to tone down a bit!!  Actually a lot last night!!
We went to see fire works for Canada Day!  I was so uncomfortable by the end of the evening!!
As far as baby is concerned! Fetal Movement has been intense!!  We have our selves quite the little kicker! 
Sleeping has become increasingly difficult!! It depressing that my good sleep has been thrown out the window for at least the next 10 months to a year!  I have been praying though for a miracle baby that sleeps through the night from the get go!!  Pray with me please! LOL