Saturday, August 28, 2010

34 Weeks Pregnant

This week was quite relaxing, I just took it easy, as last week I had so much hustle and bustling around to do!
I  figure this really is my last week of relaxation cause next week i have to prepare for back to school, and make sure the nursery is done! My goal was the end of august!  It seems I will be able to make that goal!  My Dr. Apt this week went well! My little one has gone into head down position, which is good!  My tummy dropped so thats been nice, i feel like i can breath again,  but i have to pee every five seconds! The baby moves so vigorously sometimes i feel like she is wrestling to come out!  It actually hurts when she kicks now! LOL The other night i was practically yelling at my stomach for the baby to stop! My daughter tiana was like can she hear you, and i was like well she better! LOL Well other than that i don't have much else to say!! Other than 6 more weeks to go!! :D Also this week almost all my baby stuff came in, so i got to set up the nursery! YAY! I had a good time doing it, everything from this point on is easy assembly-well actually we still need to assemble the change table! So here is hoping that is easy!! I still need to add a few touches, like a shelf to the right of the window, and those brown baskets on the floor are going to go on the shelves of the change table.  But at least now if my baby comes we would be able to make do!  ALso my lovely Stroller & Car seat came in! SO i have had quite a busy day trying to set that up aswell!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

33 Weeks Pregnant

Things are winding down now, and as much as its gone by quickly, its starting to feel very very slow!!This week I had a lot of discomfort! Tons of Braxton Hicks conrtactions, back ache, leg cramps, allergies
and even some wierd heat rash bump thing!  Oh and I forgot Insomnia!  So for those who are tuning in at this point, this weeks entry will definitely keep you from wanting to get pregnant.  I really am starting to miss feeling light! LOL
Also not being able to sleep on my stomach is so upseting!!  I know, I know, this entry sounds so boo hoo!But its just a practical part of pregnancy! This week & my week travelling in Tucson have been the hardest two weeks since i have been pregnant. Thats not bat though 2/33! LOL My little one, has gotten quite big, she squrism and turns A LOT! And the kicking isn't quite as comfortable!On a brighter note, next week I am looking forard to all my nursery furnitue coming in!  It should be interesting trying to set up the crib& glider! Oh and on the bright side of things MY BELLY DROPPED!!  I just noticed this evening, it has taken some weight of my chest area, but that would explain the back ache for the week!

Friday, August 13, 2010

32 Weeks Pregnant!

32 WeeksYAY! So exciting, that this time is winding down! I went to the OB today, just a routine check up! All is well, baby is doing well!!  Growing nicely!!  It was interesting going to the dr's office & seeing all the different pregnant ladies-and all the different shaped tummies. Some high, some low, some big, some small, some looked like basketballs others were more wide!!  But beautiful all the same.  This week pregnancy wise has been great, life was a bit stressful
but praise God for a wonderful husband! He has done such a good job helping me take it easy and relax and not stress too much!!  When I had my first daughter I had no one to encourage me or help me get through it, and not everyone in my life was interested in not stressing me out, so needless to say it was a hectic pregnancy.  The only difference in this one is that so many people have been so concerned and such a blessing,  Even those who take the time to follow my blog (Karyn) LOL I really appreciate!!  It just shows that they care!  Pregnancy is a wonderful time to be surround by those you love & that love you!! So this week I want to say thank you to all my Friends & Family who have been there for me!! Your a blessing!   OKay enough of the mushy gushies, we are on a hunt for a name! I think i have the perfect one,  but i still want to hear your ideas!  Post your name ideas if you can think of any! :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

31 Weeks Pregnant!!

Well its the moment we have all been waiting for!!  The announcement of what I am having!!
 At my ulltra sound back in May the lady said it was a bit foggy in there and the baby would not show it's the sex.  Finally she managed to get a peak and said it was a "Lovely Baby Girl"  My daughter Tiana was soooooooooo happy to be having a little sister!
When I told my husband he was so excited!!  its funny cause alot of people thoguht i twas having a boy!  I have to say though a few were right on their guesses!!  I guess though one will not know for sure
until the baby comes out!  I was almost positve I was having a boy cause this pregnancy has been so different from the last!
The oldwives tales, have really been nothing but" old wives tales". I had my shower with my family & friends! I had such a wonderful time!  I got blessed unbelievably!! It was fun seeing everyones response to what I was having! For those who were wrong & those who were right about the baby!  This time has been so special to me, and I was
so thankful to all those who attended and made the day special for me! So many people have just made this pregnancy so wonderful and stress free! I really appreciate them for that!! At the shower I literally got showered with gifts, this baby is going to have everything! LOL
I am excited about my Peg Perego Stroller & Car seat, my nursery set & crib, monitors, bottle warmers, eddie Bauer diaper bag,
crib mobile, safety first baby toiletries, chocolate brown baskets filled with the whole of shoppers drug mart baby section, bottle sterilizer, bottle warmer, humidifier, clothes, blankets and Too  much more to list!!  We had a lot of fun playing games, and I received a wonderful speech from a friend of mine! It was truly a unique shower, nothing like I have ever experienced!! 
The weather was wonderful, not to hot! I have been so lucky with the heat and outdoor events!  And the food was yummy, cake was good, I really have no complaints!!  What a wonderful time! I could relive the day over and over again!Well thats all for this week! :D
I feel like I am missing something?  Mmmmmh did anything else happen? The baby moved a lot this week, 

I feel like my belly popped out big time! LOL I am looking forward for October!!  I feel so much more prepared now!