Thursday, September 23, 2010

38 Weeks Pregnant

So this week the nursery and everythign is officially finished!!  If the baby came now i would be completly prepared! Well... at least prepared to take care of her, not prepared for labor,.  This whole time I have been playing it cool, and haven't had much worry about labor.  I figured i got through it once i certainly can do it again!  Well I just realized tonight I am crazy for thinking this way! Although the statement is true, i find myself very concerened about labor all of a sudden?  Will I be able to handle it?  What if I am not as strong as i was 6 years ago??  All these crazy thoughts came flooding in at about 12:00 am, and now i can't sleep! So i thought i would vent via blog!!  It also hit me that this time next month i will already have my baby, even if i go over due!  Thats exciting! I feel pretty prepared for the sleepless nights, seems like I am already experiencing them.  I do remember when i had tiana by the 3rd night i was so exhausted, well actually i felt so tired all the time.  I would look forward to the weekends when her grandma would watch her for 5 hrs or so!!This week at the dr everything went well.  My fundus(top of uterus to bottom) is measuring small & the dr said i don't look huge like i thought i was!  That was encouraging, i also only gained 1 pound-cause the last time i gained 2 pounds extra for the week, and i had already gained a bit extra throughout earlier weeks.  I have been doing lots of walking though, so i am pretty sure thats helping! I wasn't up for a photo this week, but i took one-ugghgh YUCK!! This will probably be my last!  This pregnancy thing has lost its cuteness! LOL

Friday, September 17, 2010

37 Weeks Pregnant!

Aaahhh, I am having a baby! I was packing my hospital bag today and doing the babies laundry & it hit me!!I didn't cry although,I wanted too! But it was a very overwhelming feeling.  Something about folding the little wash cloths and putting the babies 1st outfit into then bag just made everythign very final!!
Then I went shopping for some baby clothes cause I didn't have vey much & I found this adorable jumper that says "I love my mommmy",my eyes filled with water in the store.  I was thinking to myself  "Vic get it together, your in public".  Next week I do the final shop for baby items and then I am done, so I am very happy about that! This week my carpel tunnel syndrome got worse, it get so painful at night .  I hope it leaves immediately after pregnancy!  It was a pretty good week this week.  Its been very busy with the rally so I am so excited for next week to stay home and "Nest" LOL.  My daughter is getting increasingly excited, which is making me more excited by the minute!  Its going to be a wonderful time!!  I know one thing though I will not miss being pregnant!! LOL  It just not fun! In the picture I am sporting my new stroller & car seat!  Very excited to use those!! Also this week my Dad gave me my breast pump & a portable travel diaper warmer, they are getting quite advanced now in the things available for babies.  Even when I had my daughter 6 yrs ago there wasn't this huge a selection of things!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

36 Weeks Pregnant

This week pregnancy has been the last thing on my mind! My 6 yr old started Gr.1!! It was very emotional, just can't believe how quickly she has grown up on me! It seems like maybe a couple years ago she was born, not 6 years!  So my weekend proir to school starting I spend, reorganizing her room, getting out all her back to school stuff! And mentally preparing myself not to cry! But I did briefly, when i saw her old teacher  I am actually really glad the baby isn;t due until October because it gives me a month to get into the swing of things with her.  I also will be able to enjoy this special time with her aswell, before being exausted with dealing with a new born. I also made a huge list of all the things I need to do and buy before the baby comes.  Oh my gosh the list feels like its never ending, and i have done so much already.  I read in this article that you shouldn't expect to finish everythign before the baby comes! Well I certainly do!!  You just don't realize how much children need, especially when u had nothing to begin with.  I only have a few toys of tianas and clothes from about 3 years old and up.  But as for a new born I have diddly squat! As much as I want the baby to come early, I don't want her to come before I have everything in order.  I am very much an orderly person when it comes to these thigns and when I get caught of guard I get frazzled!!  Babies are already so unpredictable so its just nice to know if they get sick u already stocked up on tempra, or u have the next size of diapers ready to go! As far as baby his week, she has started to move horizontally it feels like-as if she is trying to stretch out, and yowza, it hurts!! Definitely got an active little on in there!! I gave the baby her first spanking today cause she was kicking me so hard! LOL, i didn't change anything but made me feel better! 

Friday, September 3, 2010

35 Weeks Pregnant

Week 35 of pregnancy has been interesting.  My week started very busy, I had to go & take care of my sick grandfather in Kitchener for a couple days & then rush back for church. His home barely had AC, so i had swelling in my hands and feet-which was my first time experiencing real swelling.  Also I have developed mild carpel tunnel syndrom in my hands, which is common in pregnancy,I even got it with Tiana, but it has just made sleeping all the more difficult.  I am very excited though that its September, now it means
I only have amonth left, I am on the home stretch!! Possibly the baby could come sooner.  I have a feeling it will, just with how my body has been.  But then again, you never know.This weekI had a couple last minute things to get for the nursery, i still need to finish packing my hospital bag.  Yeserday I was having some cramps in my tummy and  it hit me that
I really am having a baby soon, and iI really began to think about how much my life will change.  I so look forward to having another child to share my life with, Tiana has brought so much joy to my life & just seeing her have a sibling is going to be wonderful.  She is so happy, always so concerned about my belly, and how her little sister is doing! She has been so caring,I look forward to seeing them together!! This picture is of myself and Tiana when we went to visit my grandpa!! This was the day I began to swell! LOL