Thursday, October 14, 2010

Miya's Birth Story

My birth Story
Well as you all know, my due date came and went 10/10/10-it was a very sad day for me! 
On Monday of thanksgiving I saw my dad and said 'tomorrow you will have the baby!' I agreed with him, but mostly doubted and thought I would go over due.  I told my family and friends next week-
Well Tuesday I went for a long vigorous walk, ate spicy food,co, and started to feel uneasy by about 4:00pm.  I took a nap and by 6, I had some contractions but it wasn't anything to "get excited about"
At about 6:30 I got the revelation, these are real contractions, but was still in disbelief! Then I had my "bloody show".  That's when  I knew labor was coming, but in my mind it still could have been a couple days!  The contractions got worse, so i timed them, they were coming every 2-4 min.  I told Gary (who wasn't home at the time) it was time to go, he was like "Are you sure?  I think your rushing this??"
Even when he got home, and by then I had to breathe through contractions he still seemed hesitant to leave for the hospital.  Well it's a good thing we did-about 10 min after being in triage of labor & delivery-my water broke! But not just the regular -it had meconium in it-so if that had happened anywhere else, what a mess!!
They admitted me immediately!  At 11:30- I was in my birthing room, bouncing on the ball breathing through contractions & chatting with the nurses.  By 4;30-Hey there folks!
They decided to give me some pitocin to speed things up-and an epi.  I got my epi at 6:00-by 6:20-i was in heaven-and by 6:30-i was crying cause i was in so much pain, they called the dr-to give me more meds-still nothing by 6:45-they thought let's check her-even though about 1 hr ago I was 4 cm-well within 1 hr I was fully 10 cm and that's why the epi wasn't working-it was time to push.  Within 6 pushes Miya Elizabeth came into the world!
She was healthy & covered in poop!! 
It was a wonderful experience, I cried to much-I was in such shock it all happened to quickly!! 
Praise God
Her first day-she got some visitors & now we are home her & her daddy are resting! 
I am hopefully going to do the same!
Thanks all for following!

Welcome Miya Elizabeth Rodney

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

MY DUE DATE 10/10/10

Here I am with my new electric piano!! :D
She loves her little Sister already!
I just can't believe there is a baby in there
The "Fat"Lady :) Heheh!
Walking to church...anything to get this baby OUT!!!

Smiling on the outside....wanting baby out on the inside!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

40 weeks Pregnant

It's saturday-today I spent my day getting ready for church tomorrow.  I also got my hair done-so I don't have to worry about it during labor! At some point next week I am gonna get my toes done!  I know seems silly to want to look good in labor-but with all the pictures and visitors-can u blame me?
It's Sunday- One more week till my expected due date!  Possibly 18 more days till I actually have the baby! Should I go over due, I am waiting 10 days past due date to see if i can deliver naturally!  This is also b/c my last was overdue & I have had 3 different due dates given to me, so I don't want to induce to early unless i need too!
It's monday, I had a dr apt today with my dr.  It was my last apt with him.  Should I go overdue, I have an apt with another dr. I hope to see him again in my delivery room!!  Hopefully he is on rotation when I go in for delivery!! This morning, I had a sharp but breif contraction lasting about 30 second maximum.  I knew it was a contraction cause braxton hicks don't feel like that.  However nothing followed. I don't mind though-i am enjoying my last couple days or possibly week of freedom!
It's Tuesday, last night I slept okay, not as good as past nights.  I had a brisk walk this morning in the rain, I came home exhausted.  Everything feels pretty much normal-I think i am having company tonight so that should be good! Take my mind off things!! Even though i have been more relaxed now than anxious, i guess cause its so close.  I didn't feel the greatest today, had a very deep sleep nap this afternoon! May be the last i catch for quite sometime!
Wednesday-had a little bit of nesting istinncts today, cleaned alot & crashed alot! I am oddly tired this week.But imma enjoy those cry free naps!!
Thursday- woke up with usual energy, then by about 10 was readyf or a morning nap!! did some vaccuming and organizing, this evening I teach piano & then I went to do some shopping! My wonderful husband bought me another full size piano keyboard!  The one I have already we are tired of taking back & forth to church! I ended up with something so nice! That made my evening!
Friday-this morning I am tired of pregnancy! Well more tired of everyone saying "ur still pregnant" "nothing happened yet" "the babies coming" Ahhhh I know!!!! I feel like i am on some sort of time clock ready to explode, and  everyones just waiting! I am actually okay with going a bit overdue,  Ikinda plan too-u know plan for the worst.  But everyone asks me, so have u felt anything yet, if I had I would be in labor! Sorry if ur reading this and ur one of those people who are driving me crazy! I still love you though-and will make sure to do the same to you when ur 40 weeks pregnant! LOL  
Will my 40 weeks is pretty much complete-hopefully there won't be a 41 week entry but a I hade the baby entry!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

39 Weeks Pregnant

Well my week started with a Drs apt.  I was very disappointed that my dr wasn't in again, I haven't seen him for the last 2 apt now-so hopefully the upcoming one monday will be with him.  My husband was away-or is away LOL, this week.  So while he is away I am making the most of my alone time!! Also my daughter will be going away for the weekend!  So I am going to have 2 nights to myself! The last 2 nights I will probably have ot myself in years!!LOL I plan to enjoy them thoroughly! Next week is my no baby week! LOL Meaning I am not aloud to talk about the baby, think about delivery, or read and baby materials!!  I am going to spend the week as though i am not 40 weeks pregnant.  Mostly b/c I know form here onout-its going to be all baby talk & time for me, and when the "hype" wears off, I will wish I had enjoyed my last couple weeks ofr pregnancy focusing my attention on something different!  So other than a dr apt at the beginning of the week, i will refuse to give my attention to the last week of pregnancy, so next week no one call me asking about it! LOL When I am in labor you will know! Side note-what a difference of my stomach in this dress at 39 weeks and this dress at 24 weeks.  I really wonder what size this baby will be!!  Hopefully not too big!!  LOL  Well thats it for this week!