Wednesday, October 14, 2015

He's four...months: D

This is getting a bit repetitive. But I just can't get over how quickly time is going??!!

My sweet Ray Ray is 4 months!!
This past month he has started attempting to roll. He gets about half way and then gets stuck.

He is very eager to eat.  He makes the most hilarious eagar noises when he's about to get milk. I am still nursing him.

He's also very cheerful. Tons of smiles and laughs..he likes to nurse and then pull of and smile at me.  It's adorable!

He has been babbling up a storm this week.  So far it seems his personality will be cheerful and laid back. He likes to just sit in his bouncer or lay with me and play little games.

This week he's been super gassy. Sometimes when he laughs or coughs he will pass gas at the same time. It makes me laugh.

Preston flew on his first airplane this past month. He did amazing. He didn't cry at all.  His sleep has been pretty consistent. Last night was the first night in months he was up every 2 hours.  Let's hope that was just a fluke.

He continues to self soothe and puts himself to sleep. This week he began biting his tongue. So it seems he's getting ready for some solid food.

I let him try a little banana the other day.  He spit it out. Lol. I look forward to making him his food. I can't believe he's already at that point.

It's been a wonderful 4 months. Its sad that his new born stage is over. Though I am thankful for the sleep. Not to mention the older he gets the cuter he is and more interactive. So it's fun spending time with him now. 

Miya has been bugging me to have another baby lately. She's really adjusted well to having a younger brother.  It will be nice when he's big enough for her to play with. 

Well that's all for month four!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Three Months Really?

My sweet little man is 3 months old!
Goooo Preston!!

This last month of his life has been filled with so many changes and ups and downs of life. But by the Grace of God my little guys been awesome through it.

Some sweet things he's doing now is giggling up a storm, smiling, cooing and he clearly recognises certain people.

I love when he stares at me during nursing and his eyes light up when he sees me.  Aaaahh it makes my day every single time.

He occasionally rolls from his tummy to his back and creeps around his crib. I really think he will be an early crawler.

He is a terrific sleeper and goes to sleep on his own.  No rocking or nursing necessary.  We now are working on cutting his night time feed from twice to once a night.

He goes down around 7-8pm. And wakes up at 7-8 am.  His naps are more predictable, taking 4, 45min-1 hr naps a day.  Overall he's calm, just like I prayed for and happy as long as he's been fed :D

So happy God gave me a son! I am enjoying ever last minute of mommahood. One day, these precious children will grow and leave me and I would hate too look back and wish I had enjoyed it more.

On another note my baby girl and I have began special Dr.Seuss time together each day. Oh the magic of a Dr Seuss book!

Happy Motherhood!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This is just too much!  My sweet little babyroo is two months already!

Needless to say blogging with a new born is nearly impossible. Every time I remember to blog and sit down and do it, he cries. Lool

But this has been such a wonderful time. Preston is the sweetest son a mommy could ever ask for.  I am always asked so what's it like having a son?

And at first it felt no different then having daughters...that is until you change the diaper. He looks so much like his sister Miya that I often mistake the two.

But lately I am noticing the difference. And beginning to experience that 'mother son bond'.'s so special.
I absolutely love my daughters to pieces but when I see them with their daddy, you can see its something special. Being a daddies girl myself,I know the father daughter bond is special.

So it's so nice to have the mother/son bond. I noticed the bond one day giving him a bath. And his godmother came over that day as I was bathing him and she's like 'he's just gazing at you' . I hadn't really realized and as I looked back at him it just hit. When I hold him and he puts his precious hands on my chest or face it just warms my heart.

I think of him as he gets older and all the fun we will have.  I picture him a young man sometimes sitting next to me in church... And just all the sweet moments we have ahead of us.

OK enough of that. As for how month two went. He's a champ. I have a perfect little baby. He sleeps like amazing. He only gets fussy one hour before bed. He will let other people hold him without fussing.
He even goes to sleep on his own most of the time. I try and put him down drowsy but awake and he recently has started going down during the day without much of a cry or any at all.

Since his night sleep is well established...he sleeps a nice 6hr stretch and then two sets of three or four hour stretches, I am trying to focus on his day time nap schedule. That's pretty all over the place. So far the morning nap has been established from 9-10:30 ish.
He wakes at 7:30-8 am each morning and goes to bed between 8pm-9. The earlier the better. He actually sleeps longer if he goes down earlier. He's a big smiler. Especially in the morning. He's attempting to roll and loves bath time.  He relaxes so much he often poops in the tub and his a mad rush to get him out of the water. Lool

As for me and my post partum self I am pretty much back to normal. 5 lbs away from normal weight and feeling really good. My emotions are pretty normal as I was a bit on the emotional side at first. 
Life with three is an adjustment but we are making it work.

I will write more about this on my day in a life of a pastors wife blog.

Well that's all for now!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Oh how they grow!

One Month Flew By!

My little Preston Ray is one month old!
The time has just flown!  It's bitter sweet.
This past month with him has been a whirlwind of fun and busy!  I have sat down each week to write and update and then some how I don't, or I don't finish it!
So here's hoping I get through this one...
Lol guess whose guys waking up??

OK I am

So taking care of a new born is quite time consuming and that's putting it lightly. The moment a mom needs to, eat, sleep, pee, shower, blog (haha), your little one starts calling your name. Or in a newborns case.. Screaming hysterically!

Anyhow as time consuming and tiring as it is...I LOVE IT!  He's the sweetest baby ever.

A little update on things he's doing

-smiling more awake and in response to mommies kisses and cuddles(melts my heart)

- rolling from front to back(he started this at like 2 weeks old, strong boy)

-hold up head for a few seconds, pushes off floor or me and tries to maneuver on his own

- This is probably not really what he's doing but it's still sweet to me. He gives kisses. When I hold him he will bop his mouth back and forth against my cheek...and he isn't hungry. Lol

As for me and my postpartum self, I am doing well.  Pretty much back to my normal weight and self. Though I do feel a bit frumpy.  Goes with the new mom thing...but people say I look wonderful.
Something about boobs leaking, sweating spontaneously, bleeding and being unsure I put deodorant on that morning can make one feel frumpy, even under a nice outfit and fresh makeup lol.

I look forward to month two with him. I can't wait to see what/who he will look like.  Most say he's a splitting image of Daddy!  No fair..Hahaha. To me he looks very 'newbornish ' still. His cheeks are the cutest chubbiest things in the world. He is now 9lbs 7oz.
He sleeps very well at night. Cranky early evenings or anytime he is gassy. Which for a week was a lot.

Siblings seem to be adjusting well to their brother. Though my oldest has been away for most of his life thus far.  My youngest girl is in big sister heaven. She wants to cuddle him, play with him and take care of him. Its very sweet.  The moment I change his diaper she takes the dirty one and throws it in the garbage without me asking. She's quite the help!

Looking forward to month two of our little Preston Rays life!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Dedicating Preston Ray

Yesterday was an exciting and meaningful day for myself and my family. We dedicated our newest addition in our family to the Lord.

We were even fortunate enough to have our very own pastor come and personally dedicate our little man.  Baby dedications, christenings and the like are often religious practices done when babies are just infants.

To most it's just that, a religious practice, or hope for good luck!  To me, it was confirming everything I had already spent 9months praying about.  I know God has amazing plans for this little boy and I can't wait to see what they entail!

Yesterday was special for so many reasons and a wonderful day to dedicate our son.

For one it was our churches 6year anniversary.  Can't believe we have been doing this, that long and the fruit it has produced.  And for two, it was Preston's original due date!

As I dressed him for church I was a bit teary eyed.  How I have longed for a son and God answered my prayer. It blows my mind the joy a child can bring.  Watching my daughters swoon over their brother melts my heart.  Preston is the missing piece to our family and has now made us complete!

My little guy is also two weeks old!  And doing wonderfully!  Each day is a treasure and a gift I never want to forget!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 1 Week Birthday Preston!

Who would have thought my 39th week of pregnancy would actually be my sons first week of life!

I am just absolutely in LOVE with this little boy and so thankful to have him here a little early! 

His first week of life went off without a hitch. It involved us getting discharged as quickly as we could from the hospital (1 am Sunday morning to be exact) so that we could make it for a wedding at out church that morning!

Yep...I was in church Sunday morning after just pushing out a baby the day before! A round of applause for super woman??  Haha...yeah right superwoman was in tears in the car later that day when it hit me...this was just a little bit much,a bit too soon!

After the reception we got home and Preston, Miya and myself took a nap(how we miss Tiana... She's back next week)

I woke up to find the house quiet.  I looked at the was 7pm. Evening service has already started and my sweet husband had let me stay home and sleep.  Though earlier I had mentioned me staying home(didn't know he was actually going to let me) lool

Preston has his first doctor apt on Monday. He had lost a bit of weight and was a bit jaundiced, but the doctor assured me since my milk supply had just came in full effect that day that it would clear within the week.

I was a bit sad seeing my little one looking yellow, but it didn't seem to effect him. Regular feedings, poops, naps and alertness continued!  Go Preston! 

He is absolutely THE best baby.  I don't want to brag because I know that can change in a blink of an eye.  But he hardly fusses. And if he does its just because he's hungry or getting his diaper changed.

As for me I have been feeling good for the most part. Doing everything in my power to rest when he rests and fight the urge to be SUPERWOMAN.  I noticed one day that I didn't rest I was more emotional, so there is definitely a link!

Big sister Miya has been adjusting well to Preston. I think the only thing she isn't fond of, is  my napping more frequently.  This is where she could really use her big sister. Lol
Thankfully she's an independent girl and doesn't mind playing on her own.  She has also been able to go visit her friends house to play and is able to to that any time she that helps the transition!

Having Preston here with us, makes me wonder how we ever lived without him? Bringing him to his room for the first time was such a special moment(even at 1

Each day is filled with many firsts.  He has a smile that melts my heart.  He makes these adorable grunts when he's upset or needs to poop.  I have forgotten the joy of a newborn.

I also forgot the work!  Lol when you hear women say they barely got a chance to shower or brush their teeth, that's no joke.  Though as I type l, I am freshly showered, life is MUCH more busy.

I find myself missing him if he sleeps for too long. I ended up having him sleep in the bassinet in my room. Not because he won't sleep in his room... But because I miss him so much, I can't sleep with him in the other room. He's not fussy so having him next to me is a dream!

As for how I am feeling one week postpartum?  Pretty good.
Having a baby puts a mothers body through a lot, and both my grandmother and mother in law have urged me 'Victoria just because you feel good on the outside, doesn't mean your OK on the inside, so take it easy!'  Gotta love them.

Physically this has been my easiest recovery. Given I didn't tear and my pushing stage was very quick my body has healed nicely. I do have some back ache...which is expected as I had a great deal of back labor this time.

Well I think that sums up the first week of Preston's life. He has had plenty of visitor's, texts and calls all welcoming him into this world! 

The saying 'we thought we had everything until we had you' rings so true for this little man! God has truly blessed us, having a son meant to much to me and actually having him here with me after all the scares and stresses we went through in the last year has really made it all worth it!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A week ago today!

This morning Miya, Preston & I got loaded up to go on a walk to the mall.  Our very first walk together. 

As we set off it got me thinking to this exact same time last week. It was just Miya, baby bump and I off to 7/11 to get slurpees.  Now it was the three of us off to get lunch together.

I am still in a bit of shock that Preston is here with us already?? I remember the week before getting some cramping and making jokes to Gary about being in labor.

That week, I had everyone casting bets on when I would go into labor. I think I was the only person who didn't really think 'this was the week'.

Never mind this was the day!  Lol
One thing I do remember is Miya praying that night for Preston to come. She also would pray for him to have good dreams in my tummy. I think even Miya is surprised he is here so soon...she still often goes to kiss my tummy...

This morning she said 'mommy where did your tummy go? It's disappearing?'

Lol. Well thank God for that. I actually braved myself and stepped on the scale today!  To my pleasant surprise,I have lost  16 lbs in 1 WEEK. Talk about supreme weight loss!  That leaves me with 10-15 lbs to go.  I am in no hurry to lose weight. I know it will come off in no time.  Just amazed how awesome the body works.

This week truly has been a treasure. Preston is So Good. Just what I hoped and prayed for.

I just want to enjoy every moment of our time with him. He's a delight to our family, friends and church. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Story of Preston Ray

On our way to hospital! Proud Big Sister!
Todays the Day!

It was week 37 going on 38 of pregnancy.
I was enjoying yet another week of preggohood. 
Thursday began justt like any other day. Nothing in me signaled that the following events would occur. 
The only thing that was happening that week and day that signaled labor was coming, was tons of loose bowels.  But given I wasn't contracting, I didn't hold my breath.
Miya and I went for a walk to 7/11 to get slurpees.  I did some final cleaning and laundry that day.  But nothing out of ordinary.  No special 'nesting instinct'
That night, I got ready for bed.  Shortly after getting in bed, I noticed that I was wet. Then, I noticed the bed was wet.  I was a little confused!  Did I just pee myself? I confirmed with my husband, he too indeed felt the wetness on the bed.  I honestly thought I was loosing my mind. 
Tummy during a contraction.
I got up and was leaking all down my legs.  I ran to the washroom kinda chuckling to myself...surely I was peeing myself.
After about an hour of the 'is this really my broken waters' debate, I finally just accepted my fate. My waters had Preston was on the way.
I called my hospital and they said I could come in the morning after get a good nights rest.  Ha...Rest?  Rest at a time like this.  I tried...but to no avail! By 6 am, I jumped out of bed and got myself ready for the day. I began to get slight cramps but nothing major.  I gave my daughter and hubby breakfast and sort of skipped on it for myself. HUGE MISTAKE....I would not eat for another 12 total i went about 24 hour of no food. I was smuggled candy by a friend during labor though! LOL
Hard work being a Daddy in labor! LOL
I was definitely in a state of denial.  I figured I would probably be sent back home...
We dropped Miya at my friends (my oldest was away for a few weeks) and off we went.  Gary called into work and told them 'his wife was in labor'.
Those words struck me with excitement and nervousness. What if I wasn't?  I absolutely hate false alarms and getting riled up over nothing.   Once we arrived at the hospital, they confirmed immediately my water indeed had broken.
Now looking back it was quite I was constantly leaking clear fluid.  They checked me and I was only 1-2 inches dilated!  My cervix was nice and soft but still quite high up.
They gave me a few hours to see if my contractions would pick up...but nothing. So the dreaded pitocin was headed my way!  They asked me if I wanted an epidural and I replied yea before the pitocin please!  Lol I always said...if pitocin was natural plan was out the window...apparently it wouldn't be! LOL
Being that I wasn't very far along in labor they didn't give me the epidural yet. The pitocin started and I was managing.  It wasn't as bad as I remembered.  By 6pm things had picked up quite a bit pain wise, but I was OK. They checked me and I was 4 cm.  They predicted I could have my baby by 10pm. Surely I could hold out without an epidural.
Little did I know I was going to have to hold out regardless.  At 8pm my nurses switched. This lady decided to crank up my pitocin to a 18. I was fine at a 16.  Still in control. 18 was pushing my limit and by the time I was at 20 I was at my wits end. Since I have such a high tolerance for pain, she assumed my pitocin wasn't high enough...I should have been wailing the whole time instead LOL

And so the pitocin begins! :/
At 9 they checked me, I was 6-7 cm dilated. There was no way I was having by 10.  I asked for my epidural...and had to wait a long time for it to come. With each contraction I felt much pressure and lots of pain in my back.
Because I was on pitocin I wasn't able to move around...this increased my discomfort in the bed.  By 10ish the Dr came to give me a failed attempt at an epidural. They said 'within 15 minutes I will feel relief'. That hope got me through contractions for about 15-20 minutes.
As the pressure intensified I realized my fate. I was having this baby without any pain relief.  By 11 things were really picking up...and I began to feel the need to push.  They checked me again...I was 9cm.
At 11:35, I was 10cm and began to push.
This was the BEST part. Without pain relief, pushing feels like a breeze compared to contractions.  I pushed for 10 minutes, would have been less but they kept telling me to slow down!?? Lol slow down? Like I want to just push all night' lol
By 11:47 on Friday June 26 my sweet Preston Ray was placed on my chest.  His first cry was music to my ears. He weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 20 inches long.
He was perfect and worth the long and very laborious labor.
After 8 hours of pitocin still able to smile :D
That would soon change! LOL
Recovery has been a breeze with no tearing.  My body physically feels great. I had plenty of colustrum and my breast milk supply came in full and plenty!

So I didn't get my dream au natural non medically intervened labor!  Darn it. I am proud of myself for making it through without the pain relief I hoped for.  Though I didn't get the labor I dreamed of, I certainly got the Baby I dreamed of!
He has been a little gem. He latched right away, sleeps well and is the sweetest little snuggler. His cheeks and lips are so adorable you could eat them! :)
Now he is 3 days old and we are home and happy! I can't believe it!  I would have been going to my 38 week apt today!  Instead I am going to his first appointment!   
There are truly no words for the bliss mommyhood brings. He has brought joy to so many around us!  We love you Preston and are sooooo thrilled to have you with us! 
Thanks for all who have followed this journey. Sorry it's over a few weeks early. I hope to do weekly updates of his growth, progress and my journey from Mommy of two to three!
Stay tuned!!
Daddy's first time holding him

First time nursing him

Big Sisters first time holding him

My perfect little boy!

Preston Ray

On the way home!

Miya's first time holding brother! She was THRILLED

Week 38 Update

Last day of Pregnancy
37 weeks 5 Days
I had my sweet Preston Ray yesterday and will do a labor &delivery story. However I
wanted to document my final week of pregnancy!
Symptom of the week- Lots!
1)For a few days this week I felt like I was getting my period.  LOL Obviously not, but a lot of period like cramps, loose bm (sorry for tmi), upset stomach, and fatigue. Just felt very OFF. Thankfully it only lasted a few days...but there is still a lingering of off-ness!
2) I also have had a bit of insomnia. I just never feel tired at night! :/  I will get into bed exhausted and then after 20 minutes of laying there I am ready to get up! LOL  So annoying.
3) Also I can feel hiccups all the time now.  It's quite evident his head is down because the hiccups are right down  It actually took me a while to realize that they were hiccups!  I don't remember if I felt hiccups with my girls!?
4) Blotchy skin. Melasma has definitely caught up with me. I had it the worst with my first but have developed some spots on my cheeks this week.  I know it's from sun exposure and no hat or sun block.  Ahh well...concealer to the rescue!
5) wobbly & unbalanced.  When I walk, stand or move I just notice my balance is not quite there!  Lol.
Craving of the Week- Slurpee's. I think it was more of a craving for something colder than ice I like things so cold it would give brain freeze. So Miya and I took a walk to 7/11 this week and got ourselves some slurpees. We were both kids trying all the flavors first lol.  In the end she had blue raspberry, banana, orange and punch and I had the same minus the orange flavor.  I hadn't drank a slurpee in YEARS. It was a nice treat...but I must say I needed to drink plenty water to chase it down after. I am not a sweet drink drinker...
Peak of the Week- My visit to my ob's.  This actually may be my last time seeing her.  Next weeks apt  is with another Dr.  She leaves that day! So here's hoping  this is the week! I just love my OB so much!
Another peak was a little staycation with hubby. We just hung out one night and talked. Meant a lot to me as that would be the night my water broke lol
Bump and Baby-
He is well over the size of a water melon that's for sure! I haven't been gaining any more weight though.  My belly is SUPER DUPER low. And very obvious because I carried very high this pregnancy.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Water Breaking News

No, my water did not break! Lol Gotcha!
I just love the title!
Did you know majority of women don't have a spontaneous rupture of membranes(water breaking)? Another neat fact is, even if they do, it's usually not in the grocery store like Hollywood portrays! Go figure and praise God for that!

Being full term I have been on water breaking, mucus plug checking and contraction counting patrol!
I literally can't go to the washroom without thinking ' is my water about to break?'
With Miya my water broke after 3-4 hrs of being in labor.  This is usually the norm, though some women it's reversed.

At my ob  appointment, I was reminded of my 2nd due date July 2nd...making me possibly 39 weeks preggo.  It has always been in the back of my mind, but I prefer to stick to my latest due date...but the thought of July 2nd certainly did give me a rush of excitement.
I have circled dates on my calendar I think Preston may come. Let's see if I am right for any of them?

  1. June 21  -I just thought...fathers maybe that would be appropriate! 
  2. June 29-just a random guess
  3. July 2 or 4th-I have a thing with even numbers...the second was always my guess even with July 13th due date.  
  4. July 8th-another random guess-but hoping not...Dr will be on vacay
  5. July 12th-This our church inconvenient as that would be (sunday) Preston is very active during church and I think will want to make a debut on a Sunday service! LOL
  6. July 16th-This is the day my Dr comes back from if I am going better be after the 16th LOL

Those are quite a few dates lol...
My friend guesses 24th of June
Another gives me until friday! 

 My youngest told me he's coming RIGHT NOW!! haha
I asked her how does she know?  SHe said "the Dr told her" lol
Then she said very seriously  "so mommy go to the hospital NOW'

My first born was a week late..
My second was either right on time or a week early depending on which due date I use.
So let's see what this little man does!  As long as he's healthy and ready, it doesn't matter to me when he comes anymore!   

Basketball Belly-Week 37

Symptom of the Week- Nothing notable. The usual end of pregnancy symptoms.  Been blessed back pain is minimal and only caused if I am sitting on a soft surface.  Still sleeping like a baby... Hopefully Preston sleeps as well as his Mommy does once he comes out! LOL

Peak of the Week- I got my hair did at the curly girl salon! What a treat it is to get your hair done??!  I usually do my hair myself, so that's one expense I never have to deal with.  I must admit I can do a better job on my own hair but it felt good to have someone else wash it! ;D And the stylist that did my hair was kind enough to give me a pair of special gloves to protect my eczema on my hands while doing my hair!:)

Peev of the Week- Pants! Oh how I loathe pants!:0  So uncomfortable! The moment I get home, I take off my pants immediately.  They just feel so restricting.  Dresses all the way!

Craving of the Week- My appetite is pretty much at a low now.  I eat because I know I need to.  I find myself going till lunch sometimes without eating anything.  Shame on me.  My husband really lucked out this pregnancy.  He hasn't had to make any craving runs! LOL

Bump and  Baby
At 37 weeks my boy is a full term baby! Yay!  My stomach looks like I have been smuggling basketballs.  Literally looks like I shoved a ball up my dress.  So round and perfect.  I will miss this belly!!  It's hard to believe 37 weeks have already passed? Some days I am so excited about his arrival, and then other days I feel a bit nervous.  It's the BOY part that makes me nervous! Boy diapers, boy toys, boy things, boy
Nana getting her hair "raked" through

Me under the dryer...gotta dry this hair :D
Basketball Belly!
This is the day after I got my hair u can see this is nothing new! LOL
It was a nice treat though 

A Walk to Remember

During my pregnancy I usually go on a couple ridiculously long walks. All three of my children I have walked hours on end towards the end.
This pregnancy I hadn't done as much walking, so this week, I decided to take a walk.
I have been lucky not to have back ache and soreness when I walk but this walk, was something special.
I had already been on my feet for 2.5 hrs that morning organizing an event at my daughters school.  After about 1 hr I did feel the need to sit, but more out of laziness than anything else. I pressed through and felt fine.
I decided I would walk to my church which is about a 6 minute drive away...but 40 min walk due to the driving speed limit.
Within 10 steps I felt  VERY pregnant. I was waddling and getting huge cramps in my tummy.  I was laughing to myself because I had only just started.
I could have called my hubby to pick me up,  but wanted to soldier it out and walk.  The cramps were getting sooooo strong. Preston felt so low in my tummy, I tried holding my stomach up for support!  What a sight that probably was?
Not to mention my belly kept peeking through my shirt and pants. I kept pulling up and pulling down... Just hilarious.
At one point I almost said 'to heck with covering my tummy but thankfully I just naturally kept pulling my shirt down because minutes after that thought, I heard 'Victoria'.  A brother from church was yelling across the street to say hello! 
Once I got to church the cramps continued and didn't stop until I layed down after lunch. I am eager to know if I dilated at all  because those cramps and pressure felt like they did something to the nether regions! Lol
I continued my walks this week with a stroll downtown and my longest one, my 5 k walk.  This is my usual jogging route but being that I can't jog, I figured I would walk it.  It certainly goes much faster running! Lol I felt great on the walk this time.
This week, I have another walk planned with a friend. It will probably take us roughly 4 hours there and back to complete this walk to Baskin Robbins!  As you can tell I love to walk! Or maybe its the ice cream? Lol Preggo or not, it's fun and relaxing! I feel like this pregnancy I really missed out on my walks due to bed rest and weather... So I will gladly spend the next few weeks catching up!  To my surprise it hasn't been overly hot either!  Yay!

Late Week 36 Update

Was having so much fun this week and super busy I didn't get a chance to upload my posts!  :)

Symptom of the week- increased need to pee!! My bladder is ALWAYS full!  Lol The hicks that won't quit ( by hicks I mean braxton hicks contractions) Leaky breasts....I would swear I have already began nursing. These babies are stocked and ready to go! Lol
Peak- with all things preparation baby out of my way...I will be spending the next few weeks doing fun things with my friends and family.  This week I went to a paint nite and painted a beautiful piece of art work. I also went to the distillery again with Preston's godmother.  We had a blast eating Mexican in the district.   Also hubby took a day off this week and we were able to go for lunch while the girls were at school. All things I truly cherish!  My priorities will be quite baby centered for the next few getting my hoohaa's out now while I still have the freedom!
Peev- itchy lower belly!  Since my tummy has dropped, my lower belly has been VERY itchy.  Also my clothes are always baring my belly. Either my pants belly band falls down or my shirt comes over the belly.  It's quite the sight to see and something I need to be aware of when I go out!  Haha! 
Craving-baha fish tacos, guacamole....pina of course... And COKE :0 lol
Also this week at lunch with Gary,  I had the most fabulous spicy shrimp Alfredo & salad!  I don't usually eat much pasta (white carbs) but this was well worth it!
Bump and Baby- I went to my 8th OB apt this week. I am seeing my Dr weekly from here on out.  All was well, weight gain, blood pressure and urine were perfect. She said I look exactly like a pregnant women at my stage should!  She began asking if I am getting cramping or pressure.  Which I have been.  She smiled and said 'that's good'.  Today I found out she will be going on vacation right close to my due date! So we are hoping this little guy comes before week 39.  I was a bit disappointed but I guess it's a slow time baby it was the best time for her to take time off.
That being said I will be praying up a storm Preston comes when she is here!
Also his head is still down!  Cervix is soft and ready! Sooo happy about that!  He is pretty much a full size baby now. Woohoo!
Basketball Anyone?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fun ways to End Pregnancy

I made it! I am at the end of this wonderful journey!
Surprisingly I am not miserable.  I have no 'get this baby out of me now complaints'
But I do want to enjoy this last few weeks of preggohood having fun!
Here are a few ways to enjoy the end of pregnancy instead of watching the clock, internet,  the toilet, and your belly for labor signs!
1) Glam up- pretty obvious one, but when will you have time again to do your hair, toes, get a massage or facial?  Just do it!
2) A night on the town with a good friend.
Explore your city, go eat at that restaurant you haven't tried yet.  Have some good fun time with some friends!
3) Try something new. A cooking class, paint nite, pottery class or prenatal zumba...just go out and do a fun activity.
4) Take a ridiculously long walk with a friend or your hubby. Though it may be a bit uncomfortable or down right painful... You will laugh at all the stops you have to make and how silly you look! 
5)Read a good book!  That's if your the reading type of course.
6) Sleep, watch movies and relax unashamedly! This sort of lazy behavior won't be optional in a few weeks...days...even hours. Lol MINUTES :O
These are all things I have been or plan on doing during my final weeks of pregnancy.  It's been a blast and made this last time very special.
My first pregnancy I was so miserable and bored at the end. It was like watching the pot boil, or paint dry...the end just dragged on and on and on.  With Miya I did keep busy but my anxiousness got in the way of me 'enjoying'. By your third child your so chill about the whole experience.  As excited as I am...I can wait and have some fun in the mean time!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Project Nursery: Preston's Room Debut

Welcome to Preston's Nautical Nursery
This past Monday, myself and a couple sisters from church hunkered down and finished the nursery.
What we thought would only take a couple of hours turned into an all night affair. We truly had a blast though, with the hubby joining in to show us 'how it's done' periodically!
Now everything is perfect, clothes are washed and put neatly away.  Baskets are stocked, everything is in the perfect place so I can reach things readily.   I even have some storage space to spare! 
Over all I am thoroughly thrilled with how it turned out!  And thankful to all those who made this room what it is.  Everywhere I turn are wonderful reminders of the amazing,  loving people we have in our lives.
Funny story:While we were working, I was getting braxton hicks contractions quite frequently.  The girls were a bit nervous as they were coming back to back.  I told them even if my water breaks right now we are finishing this nursery tonight!! Lol
Thankfully they subsided.  Though they were uncomfortable it wasn't getting unbearable. However, they did get stronger at one point.
Ironically, it doesn't matter how many times you have been in labor, it's still hard to believe it's happening.  With Miya ( my first time going into labor without induction) I was in denial.  I had all the symptoms, yet chalked it up to not feeling well.  It wasn't until I lost my mucus plug it really hit me 'oh I am in labor'.
I hate unnecessary hospital trips and getting worked up over every contraction, back ache and pressure.  I must admit  though I was playing it cool with the girls, for a few contractions I was a little nervous.  Would you believe,  it all stopped once we were done!? 
I am so excited to meet, hug, snuggle and kiss this little man.  I always hear how amazing the bond is between a Momma and her son!  If it's anything like how I felt when my daughters were born, I am in trouble! Lol just when you think you can't love anymore you realize your heart has a whole lot more room!

On another note:

I got this bright idea this morning to postpartum-ify my wardrobe.
I emptied all my drawers and filled them with clothes that would be nursing friendly and flattering to my postpartum physique.

I also took the liberty to hang 10 pre-picked church outfits for me to wear.  This way I don't have to think about what to wear or what goes with what?  I thought this was genius... As literally all I have to do is open my closet and pull out an outfit.  Why didn't I think of this last time?

I am trying to do as many things to make life 'easier' for me once the baby arrives. De-cluttering my wardrobe and having all nursing friendly outfits in there will make things easy to keep organized...and laundry minimal.

Also after having a baby...who wants to have that pencil skirt and slim fit top just hanging there taunting your postpartum muffin top :O.  Lol
Here are some photo's  of my little sons room! I am thrilled with the turn out! :D Thanks again to my helpers and family & friends that blessed us with so many of the things in this room!
This shelf gave all of us a run for our money!!
IT TOOK FOREVER!!! Just when we thought we
had the step right...we didn't! Good memories though!
At this point we had already been working on the shelf one hour..hadn't gotten past step one! LOL
A Nautical Crib.  I love how the sides of the crib look like waves!

A few momentos from his shower, I plan to add photo's to this board!

Loving this lamp!  Next to it is a jar filled with
sweet notes for Preston from friends & Family!

Our change table...a Rodney design! LOL
The picture & quilt that have stolen my heart :D

Tadah!! All finished :D