Friday, February 20, 2015

Ray Rae's on the move!

This may be my third pregnancy,however getting used to another human growing, moving and stretching in your stomach is never an event that becomes common place!

I first felt Ray Rae move at 9 weeks.  It felt like little thumps. They say each pregnancy you feel the baby move earlier. 

Ray Rae is a VERY active baby.  As the weeks progress the action becomes greater and more evident!!

Now I can see Ray Rae move through my stomach and if someone is lucky they may even feel a kick. 

The movement always catches me off guard and causes me to pause and savor every single time!  I can only imagine how intense it will get as the weeks progress!!

This is my favorite point of pregnancy. My belly is a cute size, and I get to enjoy all the pleasures of pregnancy.  Special treatment, feeling the baby and a bump that makes me smile daily.

With half my pregnancy behind me I look forward to the following 20 or so weeks!  This is our last child and a pregnancy that was prayed for and will be treasured for the rest of my families life. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
I wont be posting next week until Saturday! So look out for my gender reveal post next week!!

Lots of Love

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Final & Last Old Wives Tale

I have been anxiously awaiting to do this last Old Wives Tale using Drano.
The way the test is done is you mix 2 tsp of drano crystals and about 3 oz of urine and watch for a chemical reaction. 
PLEASE DO THIS OUTSIDE!  The chemicals are toxic and dangerous.
Finally I got my hands on some crystal drano and was ready to take on the experiment.
Why the hype with this gender test?  Well it has proven to be most accurate among women who have tried it.  While nothing is ever 100%... This one seemed quite exciting to me!
Warning there are photo's to if seeing urine in a cup is too much for you...stop reading!!
If you are having a girl, your urine color will either stay the same color or turn green.
If it's a boy,your urine will turn murky yellow to brown or black.
For more info on the test click here
I will let you be the judge of what my results show!
First I will post my before urine
And then after!  Wow can't believe I  posting my urine on a blog!  Lol
Please comment and let me know your guess?

P.S. All glasses were disposed of! LOL YES the test was worth the glass! I have un-even sets anyhow! :)
Before the TEST
After the test...looking quite dark to me
Better lighting...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 19 Quickie

Almost half way there folks!!

Symptom of the Week- preggo glow...I think my glow has finally arrived!  Or my lotion and gallons of water intake are finally kicking in.  This pregnancy my skin has been super dry, seeing a  slight shine is worth celebrating!

Peev of the Week- I haven't been sleeping well and when I do knock out, I am so tired I wake up on my stomach :/

Peak of the Week- Took my last Old Wives tale gender predictor test!  Using drano liquid!  Result was boy!! Can you believe it??  If Ray Rae is a girl...she defiantly is one tough cookie!

Craving of the Week- a spicy chicken sandwhich from Nando's (never fulfilled this one though)

Freak of the Week- Didn't feel the baby move for a day and a half.  Wasn't too concerned as Ray Rae could be moving while I am asleep, got it checked out anyhow!  Heard the heart beat at a steady 130(old wives tale BPM still indicating boy)

Bump- Rae Ray is the size of mango this week!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's

Here's an early glimpse at my just about 19 Week bump

And my special Valentine!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

18 Week Quickie

As the weeks progress every Wednesday I will post a quickie update of my 'symptom, craving, peev and peak of the week'.

Let's start with week 18 baby!!

Symptom of the Week-The much dreaded 'face puff'...atleast I don't look old :D

Craving of the Week- cereal all day every day!  Even 3 AM....sitting on my stairs with my bowl( good times)

Peev of the Week- annoying people...ya those people that just live to annoy you...well my patience is at an all time low this week for those precious's to more patience next week!

Peak of the Week- Super sweet friends planning my shower...ALREADY!!!???!!

Bump- Rae Ray is the size of a sweet  potayter!

Happy Wednesday!

A Trip Down memory Lane

My memories of being pregnant have  always been fond ones...however, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and read my past pregnancy blog to see how true this really was!?

I was shocked to find days I didn't want to be pregnant any more and all the boo hoos I long forgot about!

Will I experience that this time?
This time I find myself smiling at my self at random moments as my precious bump is finally a 'bump'. 

Not a 'maybe she ate too many fries and soda' tummy.  I find myself beaming from ear to ear...and it got me thinking, just maybe I wasn't like this for my previous pregnancies.

I know for sure I was excited and over joyed, but I must admit with this pregnancy I have felt just a little bit more over the moon than usual.

Reason being...this will be the last time I will be walking down this road.  My doctor smiled and told me 'you just never know'.

Ha...oh do I ever...I will be 30 next year! I always vowed I would never ever  ever have a child in my 30's.  I had my first at maybe you can understand why? And I cherish being a 'young mama'! 

Almost half way through my pregnancy I am slightly saddened.  These are 18 weeks I will never get back.  I will never have this experience again!  Well I better live it up...puffy face and all!! Hahaha

Cool moments this week:

Rae Ray joined me in the shower! The other day I was in the shower and looked down at my bump.  Within seconds I saw a thud through my tummy!  Rae Ray is now strong enough to let me see her/ him from the outside. 

Youngest is in love!  Last week we went to visit friends of ours who have one of the cutest sons known to mankind. My daughter has been completely on the 'I want a little sister'  band wagon, but after meeting my friends son, has officially changed her mind that she wants a brother.  In the car on my way home from church with a few friends yesterday my youngest announced to the car 'Mommy is having a boy....I even prayed for it'.
She is becoming more and more attatched to my belly...reminding me of my oldest with her. 

I was scratching my stomach the other day and she quips' Mommy stop scratching I don't want the baby to get all messed up'. Loool

These moments are priceless and remind me just why I am so in love with pregnancy!  Discomforts, emotional nonsense and all!!

Baby Size
My little Ray Rae is the size of a sweet potato!  I think that's a cute Nick name for the bump too! Add some sweet potatoes to your diet this week. They are high in iron and calcium.  Studies show they help reduce cancer and are quite versatile.  They also are not your typical carbohydrate...very good replacement if you are trying to trim the waste line.  HA.... I eat them to help expand mine!!

Tune in tomorrow for my Bumpshot & my Week 18 Quickie :) hehe

Monday, February 9, 2015

Something Nautical :D

If someone would have told me years ago I would have been blogging about nursery decor, I would have smacked them in the face and exclaimed 'are you out of your mind?'

How we change over the years?
But this particular nursery theme isn't just picked from a hat or something I like cause it's trending.

It means more to me.
For as long as I remember I have been captivated by the sea and ocean.  I could watch it forever.  Two years ago, I went to Nova Scotia to visit my friend Sheri-Lynne, she  will tell you I was in 'AWE' by the water.  I have always been like this.  I wanted to take my wedding photos by water...but Hubby kinda changed that plan -__- When I was 10 and went to England they took me to the beach and I remember being infatuated by the water. Watching the waves and dreamed of sailing on a boat at watching the sun set.  When I was 8, I went to Jamaica and sat on top of the hotel (yes on the very roof) just to watch the sun set on the needless to say Sea life has always been a secret obssesion of mine.  Oh,if I could live by water!! Anyhow the nautical theme screams of a journey.  Life on sea is a journey through waves and deep waters.  Through beauty, sun sets and sun's a journey of life. Much like having a child.  The anchor will be the most popular symbol in my nursery and symbolizes how our child will always be anchored to our hearts.  Immovable, stable, constant, dependable.  Those anchors will remind Little Rae Ray not only are Mommy and Daddy the anchors in your life but ultimately Jesus Christ is the anchor of his/her life!

As corny and silly this may sound to some(even a little to me)'s very meaningful to me. And in my opinion worth a post in 40 weeks of heaven! 

Cravings Galore! & Goodbye week 17

Since the moment I found out I was preggo, cravings have inundated my mind & tummy.

Some of it I must agree...probably is in my mind!  But then, there are just those days you know you are fighting more than a mind battle.  Hormones and the forces of pregnancy have united to make you miserable until you eat just what you are craving.

I have had this moment several times through out my 17 weeks of pregnancy...

Today's  was no different!  A  meatball sub with mustard and jalapeño peppers was on the menu today(which one of the brothers at church kindly rushed to subway for me to get just minutes before service was starting). If that's not a disciple I don't know what is?  Hahaha!

Some other cravings I have had:

Burgers with lots of mustard
Pickles- that's deep because I HATE pickles
Sour patch candy
Italian food-anything
Red meat
Caesar salads
Garlic anything!!
Lemon water

I usually get some sort of craving every other day.  It usually starts because someone is telling me what they are having for dinner...and then Baam...I just HAVE to have it! Today was because Abigail was describing her sub to me!!

Ah well...I enjoy it!  The one time in your life you can be eat whatever and make excuses for it!!  Within reason of course...wink wink!

Here's to 17 weeks of pregnancy!  
The baby is the size of a pear this week!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

17 Weeks & another year older

Each Monday I hit another week of preggohood.  This week I hit two milestones..the big 1-7 and the bigger 2-9.

Being pregnant on my birthday was more than I could ever ask for.  The day was fabulous.  With all the snow it turned out to be a snow day, so my hubster & kids got to spend the whole day with me.

To my pleasure I spent most of it sleeping.  Waking up for meals being brought to my bed! 

That evening Gary took me out to the Keg (my fav restaurant).  To my pleasant surprise friends of ours were already waiting there to surprise me.

This week, I also had my first obstetric appointment.  I much anticipated seeing this doctor again. She had given me emergency surgery this past summer.  She told me once I get pregnant again to come see her.  So it was very meaningful to see her face basically this lady saved my life.

The wait time was horrendous but, was quickly made up for by her sweet demeanor and service.  She spent about 30-40 minutes talking with me and going through every detail possible.  
She even discussed in detail what I should be eating and when.  Heck this is my third pregnancy 'I know'.  But I sooo appreciated her care and concern. Not every day you find a doctor like that!

At the end of the visit she checked the babies heart rate and said 'want to know my guess?' I quickly said 'sure'. She replied ' I think you're having a little girl'. I smiled wide as if she was really telling me the gender and I asked why?  She said she 'just guessed'....but based on the babies heart rate she should really guess boy as little boys have low heart rates'. Little Rae Ray's heart rate was 130 BMP.

Now both my girls have always been in the 160-170's.  So I am quite interested to see if that old wives tale rings true or false for this child.  Will my Doctor be right or the old wives tale...soon we will know :)

Baby is the size of a pear this week..picture coming later on this week!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Old Wives Tales for BABY #3

Anyone who knows me well knows I hate surprises.  Even good ones.  I need to know things in advance...I like to prepare and do not take kindly to being caught off guard.
So the old-fashioned trend of waiting to find out the gender once the baby arrives has always sounded like nonsense to me. (No offense to those out there who are suckers for the surprise).
It's just not for me.
But one of the things I do enjoy about the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is the old wives tales.  I enjoy hearing what people are most certain I am having based on how high or low I carry.  Or how sick or moody I get.  It just cracks me up everytime.  Especially when you do find out the gender and people are wrong.
Each pregnancy, I scoured the internet for different old wives tales and this time to my surprise there were a few new ones for me to try out.
Spoon and Fork- have a friend put a spoon or fork under each pillow..if you sit on a fork its a girl and a spoon means boy.  I sat on a pillow and revealed a spoon. I exclaimed to my friend 'it's a boy'.  She's wittily replied 'its a spoon!' (however I have read opposite results and I didn't do best 2/3)

Baking soda- So the idea is you pee in a glass...with baking soda in it...if it fizzes /foams it's a boy...if it's flat, it's a girl.  As gross as this may sound, urine has never freaked me out so I try the test...fizzle fizzle fizzle  and one point for boy! And I did this test on two separate occasions weeks two points for boy!

Red Cabbage Juice- another pee pee test!  Lol if it goes reddish or pink boy...stays purple girl.  Another point boy for me! Lol

Drano crystals- similar idea but if the crystals turn green girl and if it's blue a boy.  I have yet to try this one but sure will before my gender reveal. Click here to see results!

Placenta/yoke Sac placement- If your yokesac is on the right at 6 weeks pregnant it's a boy, on the left a girl.  This one is tough because most people don't have ultrasounds till 12 weeks.  I was lucky enough to have one at 6 weeks, but didn't ask or know about the theory at the time.  However based on the photo and research on what a yokesac may look like mine is on the right...another boy for me.

Those are some of the newer tales I hadn't heard with my previous pregnancies but for fun I will add all the typical ones and my answers.

Headaches More -Boy
Chinese Calendar- Girl  BOY-took a test today that said boy....geeze louise!
Morning sickness none-boy
Not Stealing moms beauty- boy
Heart beat is Low-boy
Cravings -salty & sour -boy
Gender dreams girl &  boy
Carrying low boy
Emotional - girl
Head aches boy
Ring test - boy
Skin is dry- boy
Daddy gains no weight-boy
Side of rest girl to sleep boy to wake up
Hands test palms up -girl
Hair thin & dull- boy
So according to these old wives tales predict a boy. Hahah...what do I think... I say does my doctor.  We shall see!
What do u think? Votes in before the reveal :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mother of 3? Me? Really?

My nefew was over last  weekend.  He is just two weeks older than my baby and has the energy of about 15 children.

By day two of our weekend together my head was pounding and the idea of three children, much less a boy wasn't sounding so 'dreamy'.  My cheeky older daughter said 'so momma u still want three kids' Ha...I I have choice in the matter?'

While I know having your own kids is entirely different and my children are so nicely and widely spread out each baby is like having your first...the idea of three was a bit intimidating to say the least.

I am one of those crazy ladies that am in love with pregnancy, so it can be very easy for me to forget the 'child' part and focus more on the trimesters, symptoms and fetal growth.

So what is 3 children really going to look like for me?  What kind of mother will I be?  What will my house look like?(number one wifey fear...and unkept home). What will I look like? 

After a weekend with my nefew I looked like something the cat dragged in.
I know I will get it...I will figure something out...adapt, adjust.  But today I am just a little uneasy of this mother of two being a mother of three :O