Tuesday, March 31, 2015

25 Weeks - Possibly 27 weeks!

Hold the phone!  I am 25 weeks already?  In a month I will be 30weeks!  That's nuts!  Once u hit the 30's it's all down hill from there...30 weeks haha not age lol! Maybe that too!  LoL

Symptom of the week-Low appetite!  I haven't had much of an appetite this week. Maybe with my skin breakouts and the stress that causes could be why. Also alot of tummy pressure and tummy tightening!:0

Peak of the week- once again little Preston was blessed with some sweet items. He has quite a few shoes for a little man not even born yet :) I also got to see his sweet face at am ultrasound!  Can never get enough of that!

Peev of the Week: My due date change!? Most women probably are excited to shave an extra two weeks off their pregnancy.  For me its annoying! I don't like surprises remember!! Lol. My new due date is July 2 because my little man is way developed and big for his age.  The development made them believe I am really 27 weeks preggo.  So we shall see when he shows up. Could be end of June to late July.  That's gonna be a LONG month lol!

Freak of the week- A 48 hr Hospital Stay & Scare.  But in the end all was ok.  This little man seems to want to come early but he's gonna have to just stay put!! ;D

Craving of the Week- Sauerkraut & Sausage. I went to a friends and she made me sausage casserole, since then sausage has been on brain.  One of my fav ways to eat sausage has been sauerkraut and sausage soup! Mmhh mmhh good!

Bump & Baby-My little guy is the size of an acorn squash!  I am not sure how they get these measurements because in my opinion a egg plant it larger than acorn squash. But they are fun visuals. I read on one site he's the size of two juice boxes from head to bum :) Basically my little man is growing. At about 12-13 inches now. He is almost 2 lbs...could even over 2lbs. He moves A- Lot. When I went into the hospital this week for an ultrasound they once again commented on how ACTIVE he is!  Yes we know already!! Lol

Friday, March 27, 2015

Funny Labor Stories :D

These stories had be in stitches of laughter. Who knew labor could actually be funny?? Enjoy!!

A couple who didn't speak English came in ready to deliver. The man kept trying to get out of the delivery room, but we kept insisting he had to stay for moral support. When the baby emerged, I turned the man's head so his eyes were on the delivery. Unfortunately, the next day I found out that he wasn't the woman's husband. He was her brother.

A patient was having trouble pushing. Her belly was numb from the epidural so I told her to push hard enough that she could feel it in her chest. I was demonstrating so intensely that I passed gas -- really loudly. I told her, "See, if you push, things happen down there!" She laughed so hard that she ended up giving birth to her baby in hysterics.

A dad called in to inform us that his wife's water had broken. We told him to hurry to the hospital. He arrived quickly, holding a jar of her amniotic fluid. Unfortunately, he left the wife at home.

'When my brother was born, they had to use forceps to get him out. My mom saw them and screamed "THOSE ARE SALAD TONGS! YOU ARE NOT PUTTING ANY KITCHENWARE IN THERE!"'

My mothers labour was extremely short, I was born within an hour. So that means that she went from experiencing minimal pain, to extreme pain with little time to adjust. When my dad was driving her to the hospital, he unfortunately had to stop for gas. He went into pay, and just then an elderly man in a wheelchair stopped him, asking him to buy cigarettes for him as the store was not wheelchair accessible. My mom then proceeded to lean out the window, yelling "DONT HELP THE CRIPPLE."'

When in labour with dd I was on my way to have a bath to ease pain. So the midwife in hospital ran the bath... I said "oh you will have to leave me a second I need a poop" she said "r u sure" so i started before she even left.  sSe ran at me taking me out of toilet... I was shoutin Noooo put me back I need toilet. I was crying and trying  to tell them. They kept sayin 'Laura It's your baby.' They got me in bath and I can't stop this pushing... I looked up and seen a poo floating in water with me... I screamed and swished it of.. the student Midwife ended up chasing it around with a net :S I was mortified.

My babies head was nearly out so was Puttin a lot of pressure on my bowels (yuk) il never forget that wee tiny net (the type used to catch fish) being flung in the pool tryin to catch that yuky floater. Oh and i haven't spoke about it since lol. Was all worth it though ,

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week 24 Quickie

And pop goes the belly button :D
Wow here we are 6 months preggo!! Woohoo!!

Symptom of the Week- Still having lots of energy!!  The only thing that weighs me down is this big ol' belly! My tummy is stretching and I notice my upper tummy where my abs are is very sore.  I also have gotten that fine brown line on my stomach called Linea Nigra this week!

Loving sisters and
 New Baby Brother Bump
Peak of the Week-Spring has arrived!! I couldn't be more happy! Honestly winter is such a drag! Especially after Christmas! I look forward to walking, walking and more walking!!  Also this week little Ray was blessed with some cute outfits shoes and hand-me downs!  

Peev of the Week-Actually I have been a bit of a short fuse lately.  Lots of things peev me off! HAHA...I feel awful that my patience for some reason is at an all time low.  With the good Lords help I try not to let my feelings get the best of me!! :D  

Bump & Baby- My sweet Preston Ray is the size of an ear of corn or a foot long sub! :D  My corn wasn't big enough, but you get the picture! LOL  Corn on the cob for dinner tonight! YUMMYY  Did you know that corn has absolutely ZERO nutritional value and your body doesn't really digest it! Tastes great though...so who really cares?

Craving of the Week- I knew I was missing a category!  Truthfully water has been my biggest craving. But I was recently introduced to fruit infused water....well that has taken my water intake to a WHOLE different level!   

Enjoyed my cajun style corn with wild rice and salmon :D

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The signs of a BOY!

Waiting 40 weeks to find out a babies gender is extreme self control. Just the 19 weeks of anticipation were too much for me. Another 20 may have killed me hahah.

 When I first found out I was preggers I prayed for a boy. I actually was praying before hand but it wasn't an every day earnest prayer. Truth be told I was more concerned about getting pregnant than the gender. Once we got pregnant my gender prayers started. But only gradually and slightly. I just couldn't quite wrap my mind around praying exactly for what I wanted in the womb.

 I was reminded of the prayers I made for Miya when she was in my tummy and how God answered those...maybe this wasn't any different. So the prayers began. Not daily. Funny thing is, gender is determined right at conception...so by the time we found out we are pregnant the gender had been determined. I guess our prayers now are that the results line up with what we hope for.

 Up until about 14 weeks preggo, I figured I was having a girl. I just had that in my mind to avoid disappointment. But I never felt convinced. So I began asking the Lord for 'signs of the times' lol And signs are very well what He gave me.


Preston Collection Pottery Barn Kids Sign #1
 Sign # 1- 'the name'. 2 years ago I fell in love with a certain boy name. I wrote it down and tucked it away with a girl name I fell in love with too. I have yet to hear this name anywhere... Ever! So when I was browsing a site and saw the name of one of the crib beddings I liked was named The Preston Collection...it gave me a shock.

 Sign 2- 'The Middle Name' As I mentioned in another post Ray or Rae would be our child's middle name regardless of gender. Just spelled differently. I found a beautiful quilt that I loved to pieces...but really would only get if I had a boy. I wanted to post a picture of the quilt on my blog and tried to find it on the internet. When I did I noticed the person who owned the quilt has personalized it with the name middle name 'Ray' for their child. And ' Taylor' was the last name. That was my maiden name. Once again my eyes popped out of my head. Not to mention the birth date is a good friend of mines! LOL
Jackson Quilt Pottery Barn Kids-Sign #2

Ripleys Aquarium Pamphlet Sign # 3
#3 'Mysterious Purse Dropping'. I was picking up my daughter from school and placed my purse on the middle of the table. (Bare in mind at this point now I am praying for God to show me signs that I am having a boy') As I help Miya get her boots on, I glance back at my purse....it has fallen off the table. No clue how, as it wasn't on the edge or anything like that. So I finish up and walk over to pick it up. Now my purse is filled with so many trinkets that for it to fall over would mean a huge embarrassing mess for me. But surprisingly nothing had fallen out except a strange piece of paper. I picked up what looked like a pamphlet and read it. Low and behold Ray Bay is written 5 times with show times next to it. It's a pamphlet from Ripley's aquarium. I had no idea it was in my purse not to mention that it was specifically folded in a way that when I picked it up all I saw was Ray Ray Ray Ray Ray. I think that sign scared me so much I threw the paper out of my hand. What the heck was going on here?

Great minds think alike
Sign #4
 #4- It's a boy'. Thanks to pinterest their are so many cute ideas for photos for gender reveals. I had in mind one specifically for when I got further along. I was so excited hoping I could use it. Each week I would fantasize about this adorable photo. One day my good friend sent me the photo and said I should do this if I had a boy. The timing was hilarious as I had made a 'boy' sign plea hours before. What are the odds she would send me the exact photo I wanted to take. There are so many on

#5. Low heart rate- OK so I don't put much stalk in old wives tales...though I love them to death and I have to say this pregnancy my old wives tales were BANG on at predicting my babies gender. But I have had two girls and for both if them they had very very fast heart beats. I remember the sound like it was yesterday. It actually would worry me, I had never heard anything like it. So when I heard Ray Rays heart beat through a Doppler for the first time I had to ask what the BPM was. When the doc said 130, I knew this had to be a boy. Sure enough every apt was a steady 130. Never wavering... Yet this baby was more active than my daughters... Sounds like a boy sign to me.

Google is creepy!
#6- ' It's a boy'. Many people told me it was a boy, but when Google is randomly telling you 'it's a boy' it's hard not to take notice. I had been searching ecards for my blog. Completely unrelated to pregnancy. Hundreds of ecards popped up in the category I had searched. About 20 cards in a sign that stated 'it's a boy' was right smack right in the middle. At this point I was finding these signs quite humorous. I quickly took a picture of the screen and shared with a friend. I wanted signs...there they were!

Final Preston Confirmation
 #7- This was my last sign the day before my ultrasound. I had gotten many other little signs that I won't bore you with, but these ones really stood out. My ultrasound was later in the week and come Monday a wave of fear came over me. I was becoming so confident I was having a boy it was scary. So I started doubting big time. I began prepping for a girl in my mind and praying. The morning before my ultrasound I asked for one more sign. But I specifically asked to see my babies name 'Preston"  again. I decided to be specific like Gideon with the fleece. I said 'Lord I want to see the name we had picked again.'  I knew this sign would be harder...or so I thought. Nothing is too hard for the lord. Mid day I was going through photos on my phone. I came across a screen shot of a name my friend liked for her future son. Under the name were names you might like if you like this name. When she first sent me this photo I just glanced over the names and didn't think much of it. This time I looked seeing if I would see any 'girl' names I would like too. Well girl names are not what I found, I found my last and final confirmation of having a boy. There was HIS name. I don't know how I didn't see it before but there it was. I nearly fell off my chair and said ' yes Lord'.
And he shall be called Preston Ray

 I realized now how easy it was for the Israelites to disobey God in the wilderness even after all the signs and miracles He had given them. Over a two month period the Lord had given me all those signs plus a few more and I still refused to believe. He even gave me dreams but I blew them off! That night I repented of my unbelief and felt peace like I have never felt before. God had told me we were going to have a son. Just like he had told Sarah and the shunamite women. Like He had told Hannah and Mary. God made it clear to me I would have a son and even pointed out the name I should call him.

 What an honor?! How humbling?! I know God has an amazing destiny for this child and one of the reasons I wanted a son was to win the world for Jesus.  And if those signs weren't enough the day after the ultrasound, I was browsing the net again and this photo was on one of their featured items on the PB website! HA....Preston it is!  And how fitting the photo is for a preacher of the gospel!  Just like their Daddy! Wow this is a long post...but well worth me remembering years later.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 23 Quickie

Cute Little Brother Sleeper picked out by a proud Older Sister
 Symptom of the Week- Bless my soul, this has been a symptom free week. I feel great, people say I look glowing, have all my energy...what's there to complain about? I find myself forgetting I am pregnant..until i go to bend over! LOL

 Peak of the Week- My hubby went to preach in Atlanta this past week and was away for 5 days. While he was gone my girls and I got much quality time together. Went for a sleep over. And then my youngest and I got some special time alone while my older daughter went to grandmas. We went for breakfast and went shopping. It was a really special time. We had so much fun we didn't really miss daddy until the last day. Which worked out well for us...because how hard that would be to be sad for 5 days :/

 Peev of the Week- not quite preggo related but somewhat. Since media fast is over this week(yay) I had been journaling for the past couple weeks. Now I have to transfer it all over to my blog and upload...maybe I should continue the fast....lol. I really love blogging and think it's a lovely keep sake for years to come...

 Bump &Baby Size- My sweet Preston Ray is the size of an Eggplant this week. Grow Ray Bay Grow!! Now movement is seen outside my stomach.  I have been trying to catch it on video, but Preston seems to be camera shy! :)
Made good use of my eggplant! A grilled veg, sausage and potato medley with strawberry salad & fruit infused water! mmh mmh good

Friday, March 20, 2015

Week 22 Quickie

Symptom of the Week: Lots of energy! HURRRRAAAYYYY!!! I feel much more energetic. What a blessing!! Having energy during pregnancy is a coveted feeling...BELIEVE ME! Another funny symptom...I had been carrying low this pregnancy, but as my tummy has grown Little Ray Bay has made his way up higher and higher.

 Peak of the Week-the weather is warming up here in Toronto. At work my after school class and I enjoyed lots of sunshine outside, instead of the usual rush indoors. This pregnancy I have had a bit of cabin fever. My last pregnancy I was pregnant from Jan-Oct. I got to spend most of it walking outside and being active. Not so much this pregnancy being pregnant in October. I can't wait to get walking again and active again!

 Freak of the Week-this isn't a bad freak, but still freaked me out. I was laying on my back one night and felt a 'tube' in my stomach. I was sort of able to clutch it with my hands. As I did, it moved a way and then kind of knocked me back! It was probably my babies leg or arm. It was such a strange sensation. To feel a body part so distinctly was mind blowing. Especially this early. Usually you don't see/feel parts sticking out until the last trimester.

Craving of the Week- Chicken Enchilada's!  Made those babies on saturday...but the shredding chicken was enough to put me off eating them for quite some time! TOO much work! LOL

 Peev of the Week-the ever growing body...I love my baby bump to death...but I am having trouble knowing what to wear. Especially for church. Looking forward to the season change as summer clothing seems a bit more 'preggo' friendly. I don't care to go shop for maternity gear all over again... But my love for fashion caused my to buy this maxi dress this week! Lol

 Bump &Baby- Size of Papaya or Ken barbie! Haha imagine that?

Good Bye Nea Rae....Hello....

For fun before we knew the Gender we made both girl
& boy Gender Reveal

Goodbye Nea Rae...hello...
 I have never picked names for my future children prior to having children. When I found out I was pregnant with my first the quest for names began. I liked Elijah & Layla. When I found out she was a girl we were settled on Layla. That is till the day she was born and Tiana randomly was presented. I fell in love and probably was severely fatigued and would have agreed with any name at that point. Hence her 2nd middle name being Shante?? Who needs two middle names? Lol

 Then came pregnancy number two. Once again I was back to the drawing board name wise. I had grown out of Elijah for boy and was blank for girl names. I really wanted a boy and thought Isreal would be a great boy name. Hubby didn't agree...Jedidiah was his suggestion...Jedi-what? I am convinced this is why God gave us a girl. We could not come to any agreement. I was set on Isreal and hubby some name for star wars.(it's actually biblical but all I hear is Jedi) Our daughter suggested the name Miya for a girl and once she said it we all were settled on the name. It just fit! Here I am...baby #3 but this time, I had some names in the reserves. I know this is our last child so I don't mind sharing the names now.

 Funny enough as I attempted to convince myself I was having a girl days before my ultrasound, this name just wasn't settling with me like it had before. (Ha no wonder...I was having a boy) Around the time I had Miya I also liked the name NEA. Also spelled Nia, pronounced Nee-aaa. I like short sweet simple names for girls and Nea was a perfect candidate. Coupled with Rae and I was in 'girl name heaven'. However this name never floated my boat like the boy name did.

 Unto more exciting news...our boy name! This name hasn't been super top secret as I can never keep things that are exciting to me a secret from those I love and care about. So some reading this may already know. This name I am not 100% sure of where I heard it first. I know it's a friends family members name as well as a city in Nova Scotia ( a place I love due to the ocean). The name actually means spiritual place or pastors/priests town. How fitting?

When I fell in love with the name I wrote both names NEA Rae and this name in my Google keep. I didn't share with hubby...I didn't want to ruin a good thing. Fast forward a couple months ago and I casually say to hubby' what do u think of this name? 'Hubby loves it! What?? No Return of the Jedi suggestions? We had to be having a boy! So without much further ado I introduce my future sons name to you!

Preston Ray Rodney

 Good Riddance to Nea Rae... It's up for grabs for any takers...it's too pretty of a name to go to waste :D

21 weeks & Special Moments

21 weeks Quickie +Sweet Moments
Symptom of the Week-I'm thirsty! Hahaha to all those who know the 'slang meaning' of thirsty. But I just can't get enough h20..it's quite funny, I chug down water like a drought is coming. Water in hand as I type!

 Freak of the Week-For the first time EVER Ray's heart beat was fast. Wouldn't that have tripped me out, had I not known his gender. She didn't tell me the BPM though... But it still sounded slower than my daughters heart beats.

 Peak of the Week- 2nd OBGYN visit. My first was at 16 weeks...I will be seeing her monthly till 30,weeks and then bi- weekly till 36 weeks. After that weekly visits. I brought a friend who got to hear little Ray Bays heart beat for the first time. Was a special moment!

21 Weeks Pregnant!
 Peev of the Week- I had a craving for Eggs Benedict...and despite the fact you really shouldn't eat that during pregnancy... I rebelled...well now I don't feel so great....made me feel sick! Won't be doing that again! Lol

Craving of the Week-Eggs Benedict-didn't go so well! LOL

 Bump & Baby- My little cuter patoooter is the size of a carrot now! I have gained 15 lbs so far... Looking forward to week 22 :D

 Sweet Stories: Today I was surprised when hubby brought home a new car. He bought it for our growing family...and even matches the babies gender! Blue Baby Blue!. It was a sweet surprise. We have had old cars for years so to have a new car is such a privilege for us.

 Another Memorable Moment I went to register at my new hospital. Previously I had delivered at Credit Valley but decided this pregnancy I wanted something different and in the city I live. God arranged the whole thing perfectly blessing me with the sweetest obstetrition EVER and a hospital that's truly wonderful. I arrived for my apt promptly at 1:30 and was greeted by a pleasant surprise. One of my friends is a nurse at that hospital. She would be doing the preregistration and tour.

 I was taken through the labor and delivery ward and got the opportunity to see a room I may deliver in...my eyes began to water. I was having a baby...a real baby!! I glanced at all the other mommies on the tour, but they didn't seem nearly as emotional as myself. I find I am getting choked up quite a bit this pregnancy.

 Back to the tour...one of the exciting things this hospital offers, are care packages to all the mums. Ha! This is a huge blessing because most hospitals don't even provide diapers for your child. They provide a package of diapers, wipes, a sweet little comb, hat, soap and a bib for the baby. Then for mom they provide pads, underwear, a squirt bottle and La Roche Pose skin products (mini travel sizes). My jaw dropped as the nurse showed us the little care packages. It warmed my heart. Also the labor and delivery was under construction meaning by the time I give birth, there will be brand new rooms for us and washrooms. Talk about amazing timing!

 The staff in the unit seemed quite friendly and informative. I have been praying for my nurse friend to be on staff during labor...and I truly believe she will. Having a nurse friend during labor is such a blessing. It offers you extra support, favor and comfort. I have been lucky to have nurse friends on staff during labor for my last two pregnancies...here's for number three!!

 Another interesting thing about today was seeing all the moms that were as far along as me. Seeing all the tummies. I thought I was getting quite big but seeing all the mommies I realized I was right on track. Also my nurse friend told me that there weren't too many July babies registering. Which means a quiet maternity ward. Hoping that doesn't change:D. Better care for me and my Ray Bay: D

Week 20- Father/ Son Bonding

Symptom/s of the Week: Itchy chest area! :/ Would you believe these babies are producing milk ALREADY!!?? Sometimes I even leak...GOODY! (this is a norm for me in pregnancy...I have always been a milk making machine haha)

3 Peaks of the Week: 1) We announced we are having a Boy!
                                   2)I began to register for baby items...always fun
                                   3)Registered at our new hospital!

Freak of the Week-The name we have picked for Little Ray Ray and all the signs pointing to calling him that!  I will be posting a "signs" post very soon!

Peev of the Week: Low Energy Level. My energy was so low this past week the night before my reveal I was tempted to cancel out of exhaustion. :0

Baby & Bump- Ray Ray is the size of a banana! Grow baby grow! I feel him moving on a regular basis!

Craving of the Week- Wraps & Subs with pickles and hot peppers on them!  I still can't get over the fact I like pickles! :O

Father Son Time

From the moment we found out our little bambino was a 'he', Gary and I have been ecstatic!

Gary always has said" it's ok, it doesn't matter what we have'.  But I have always known deep inside he did want a boy this time round.  Kinda of an innate 'man' thing.  Now that we have one he is as PROUD as ever!

When I first told him after the ultrasound,  I had to downplay it a bit.   I really didn't know if he would keep the secret till our reveal.  At that point I was like 'stupid reveal I just want to tell everyone"
A few day later when the doctor called to confirm it was a boy I figured I would just go ahead and tell him it was official.   He told me how that day he had told his mom we were having a boy and even told a lady at work he was expecting a son and naming him Preston Ray.  To anyone who knows my hubby he is not easily excited, so seeing him this excited was heart melting. That night as I prepped my gender reveal decor he asked if I was excited!  I exclaimed yes!!

We went to bed and Daddy got to feel Preston for the very first time at 20 weeks!  It was faint but hard enough for him to feel.  The moment he placed his hands on my belly Little Ray started kicking up a storm.  Like he was greeting his Daddy for the first time.

At church Gary announced our babies gender officially and told them how he was praying his son would be twice the man he is! That he would grow up to be a preacher of the gospel!  And that our precious daughters would be pastors wives and use their gifts for the ministry.  My eyes began to fill with tears, that had been my prayer as

Afterwards someone said to me "congratulations on your son".  Son? SON!! My son, I am gonna have a son! I nearly cried...this really isn't gettinng old anytime soon.  Needless to say I am in heaven, with two precious beautiful girls and a baby boy on the way! Can life get any better? :D

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Beau or Bow Party!!

WARNING: LONG LONG POST AHEAD! LOL But I wanted to share my party with you...every last detail :D

I really love to throw a shindig...so when Pinterest started trending gender reveals I was 100% down! (just keeping our gender secret would be the problem)
 I have never been to a gender reveal...so I feel I am treading new territory. This is a trend I am happy I was able to catch in time.

One of my good friends offered to help with the momentous affair.  I was relieved and thankful to have her help and early January we put our heads together over some chips and guacamole to pull off a grand reveal.

First things First...The THEME- I really wanted something classy and not so 'babyish'.  If you know me well, I don't like things to look too 'kiddy'...strollers, bedding, diaper bags must all have class as far as I am concerned.  We settled on the  'Beau or Bow' theme.
A simple black and white theme with mustaches and  sweet pink bows to ring in Little Rae Rays gender. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

Team Blue...team Pink didn't take a photo
Tradition- A Gender reveal party tradition is to have you guests dress up in the gender they guess.
Put your Money where your mouth is...5 bucks in a jar...if you guess right you get your money back...guess wrong...Mommy gets to keep it :)

Ladies chowing down!
Food- Since my reveal is around mealtime and the party is a relatively intimate size we decided a nice meal would be appropriate.  We plan to color coordinate food items with theme. I LOVE all things food...and relish in the opportunity to "throw down"! Fettuccini Alfredo, garlic bread, chocolate covered pretzel's, black bean dip and chips and a few other treats were on the menu!
Her Water broke! Our winner! :)

Games- One of the games we played is called "my water broke" where you have to be the first to melt the ice cube covered "baby"ie...gummy bear).

                             Invites were ordered off esty.com and completely matched the theme...

Decor- with a black and white theme decor is a piece of cake...I added a few touches that correlate with beau and bows!

Those Infamous Old Wives Tales
The Photo Booth

The reveal! Another dear friend of mine made a scavenger hunt to lead us to the 'reveal'. Each clue and item they found would be used to create a drink that would reveal the babies gender.  One by one teams came and revealed the news as they made their drinks.

The first clue...Aree-ree already looks confused!

Once the "gender" was revealed,  I had another clue that lead to a "name" reveal.  I gave each lady a pin and told them to pop a balloon to find the babies name.  When the balloons were popped the true gender color was revealed in confetti..and I shouted the real gender!! What an up roar of excitement. Everyone cheered!

What I like most about a reveal party is that is
1) affordable
2) stress free
3) fun
4) memorable
5)I get to plan it (they won't let me plan my shower lol)

Probably the only con to a gender reveal is that everyone can't be invited or come...and I know just so many people..however we made cards to send out and give out to those who couldn't be there. And posted the photo's on here!
Another thought was do I make my gender reveal a jack and Jill or ladies only.  After much thought I've decided with ladies only..men probably  don't care much for these events!
So I figured hubby and I can have our own reveal with family and then have at it with our friends.

A gender reveal fear...imagine you go for your ultrasound and they just can't tell the gender...ha...then what?  Surprise everyone we don't know...thanks for coming :) Another fear...would hubby tell?  He wasn't for keeping it a secret for as long as we did, BUT he did it just for me :D And even took part in my 'gender prank'!  I was very impressed!

The reveal was a huge hit and a memorable time.  I relive the moment over and over in my mind all time.  The day was perfect and shared with the best of friends any one could ever ask for!

My fav part...the faux reveal reactions and the real reveal surprise!!
SO there you have it...we are having a...

Proud Sisters introducing their one and only Little Brother :D

Surprise Surprise...THE Ultrasound!

Little Ray Rae :)
Thankfully my ultrasound is booked first thing in the morning..because with it being just over 24 hrs away...I can't wait another minute.
I can only imagine how slow the next 24 hrs will be.

I have run through the appointment a million times in my head.  From getting up that morning, driving over there...to hearing the news.
I have acted it out so many different ways in my mind...so it should be interesting to see which way proves to be true!  I know things RARELY go according to plan and am preparing myself for a few unexpected blunders. Running late? Not feeling well? Not being able to see gender? A reaction I wasn't expecting...all possible hiccups I have been preparing my heart, emotions and mind for.  Clearly I am a person who does NOT like any element of surprise. I will act out all possible possibilities to avoid surprises at all costs!  Maybe this is a first born quality?? LOL not sure!

I do know whatever gender they tell me...I will be surprised!  Here's how my reactions will be!

It's a girl! "Wow, what? I thought it was a boy...everything, everyone said it was a boy!  Even my intuition...wow this is nuts."

It's a boy! "Now WAY' You're lying...I can't believe this...I am actually having a boy??  No way! Check again!"

Shocker either way!  This I can't stand...because it doesn't matter how many old wives tales you have taken...not one can accurately predict gender!! Nothing is as close to accuracy as an ultrasound and even those have proven to be wrong.
So as I huff and puff...pace my floors...re-read old wives tales...recheck drano results...think over all the "confirmation" signs 'I hope' I have had...it still gives me ZERO confidence going into the appointment! LOL

Good luck to me...

Here's how it went

I hadn't been sleeping well and thought 'sheesh the night before an ultrasound I am sure not to get any rest!'  Well that couldn't have been further from the truth!! I knocked out.  And I mean knocked out, not even a midnight cereal snack or a washroom break!  So when I woke up, I was kind of dazed and groggy from sleeping so deeply. I started drinking my water, as my appointment was that morning.
Just like I expected things started NOT going according to plan.  I panicked for a split second and then regained composure.  I planned for this! I expected this! NO BIG DEAL!

In the midst of my rushing about, I almost forgot to drink enough water...and of course on our way there we needed to stop for gas! LOL  I watched the time tick...and realized " wait...I am way ahead of schedule". I exhaled and sat calmly in the car as hubby filled the gas tank.

Sadly he wasn't going to be able to be there...however I had my trusty companion (my youngest) to keep me company.  I thought it was kind of neat that for this same ultrasound with her, my oldest had come with me and now my youngest was doing the same for her sibling.

I arrived at this beautiful clinic. My OB sent me to a special "women's clinic" to get my ultrasound, she said they are best and didn't really like the clinic in her building. (That was where I had my 12 week ultrasound).  I walked in to this beautiful newly renovated clinic and felt like a celebrity. The staff were very kind and friendly.  Even though I was early they took me ahead of time. They didn't want me sitting uncomfortably. ( if u have ever had an ultrasound it's basically the battle not to pee yourself!)

Long story short I was ushered to my room and layed on the bed while Miya watched from a seat near by. The tech squeezed the infamous cold blue jelly on my tummy and  immediately began.  I watched my sweet little Ray Rae wiggle and squirm on the screen.  After about 5 minutes the tech started giggling.  She said "this baby is VERY active".  :/ Ha! Just great I thought LOL.... The appointment took almost an hour, getting Ray Rae to cooperate was nearly impossible. But she had all the faith that she wouldn't have to send me back for another ultrasound and that Ray Rae would participate. She was right!  A very sweet lady!  Call me crazy but the night before I had been praying for her.  I had no idea who I would meet that day but I began praying for her salvation and Gods blessing on her life. I prayed God would use me to lead her to salvation even if only through prayer.  And that we would meet in heaven one day. (Such a corny moment)

Back to the ultrasound-
After about 30 minutes the burning question blurted out of my lips.  Had she seen the gender yet?  She smiled said she had.  I thought "what?"  I have been watching the whole time and hadn't seen anything :/ It dawned on my how skilled these techs really are.  I asked her if she could show me a gender shot.  She laughed again and said "let's see if this baby will cooperate"  So she started pointing out the different body parts.  I was completely enamored by Ray Rae, that I almost forgot I was interested in knowing the their gender

Side note: I had been studying ultrasound photo's for months and could point out any girl or boy baby ultrasound photo. Time to put my skills to the test.

Just then she went back to the photo's of various body parts  and I  saw a shot with a gender sign! All babies are either xy or xx.

  She quickly changed the page and showed me the baby one last time...and I was on a hunt now to see if I could see anything to indicate the babies gender!

Once I saw the baby's sign I was pretty sure what that meant.  But science wasn't my strongest suite...I quickly began to second guess myself. How could I get it out of her?

I didn't quite know what to think. 
I pretty much knew the babies gender...
I wanted to hear her say it though... But her office protocol didn't allow that. So I said what gender I thought I was having due to all the movement.

As she showed me my precious Ray Rae one last time she said 'looks like ....but just let your doctor call you to confirm'

Just as she said that I got to see the gender on the screen!  Yay!! Now time for the reveal...

I walked out of that office in a daze...I quickly got myself together as my ride came to pick me up.   2 weeks of secrecy...this should be interesting :/