Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Preggo Must Have's

For 40 weeks a woman will grow an entire human being(sometimes two or three) in her womb.  That's a lot of work.

Did you know that a pregnant woman's body sleeping is working harder than the average single person awake?

So we have a lot going on inside and this can be at times uncomfortable.  Our hair,skin, body,appetite and emotions completely change!

So during my 40 weeks I have clung to some of these things for comfort!

Maxi dresses-this is only something I have been able to tap into for the last 15 weeks of pregnancy...but praise God.  Soo comfortable and roomy for my growing belly.

H2O-lime water, lemon water,fruit infused or just good old tap water with ice has kept me hydrated when my insides felt like the Sahara desert.

Pillows galore-this once again is a final stage of pregnancy necessity.  I have a body pillow and three extra large pillows to keep my comfortable at night!
Without these night time would be a nightmare!

Cereal-  I don't know what it is about cereal but I could eat it any time of day. Makes a wonderful snack or meal! :D
My fave cereal is organic crispy rice with almond milk or organic milk.  We are big organic milk/dairy drinkers. 

'The Help' - this is my first pregnancy I have had so much help doing things. Whether is be babysitting, cleaning the house, bringing meals.  Honestly having help during pregnancy is a HUGE blessing. And something this time round I really did need! Thanks a bunch to all my helpers... You guys are a blessing!!

If u are preggo or have been preggo what are your pregnancy must haves??

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pregnancy Week Comparison & Week 29

Symptom of the Week- This week I had mild  nausea. Very strange as I didn't have much sickness this pregnancy.  TMI ALERT: My nipples have been so stinking itchy.  I have already been producing colostrum (first milk baby drinks) and I am assuming when I leak and it crusts over(gross lol) that causes the scratching.  It's driving me nutty! Well at least I know things are working in that department! LOL

Craving of the Week- Jello and frozen fruit.  Green jello to be specific. On Saturday my girls and I made two batches of jello and finished it all in one sitting.  They also share my jello love. I also have continued to love burritos!

Peak of the Week: A good friend from my daughters school brought me this yummy dish called Nassi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice).  Love love love it!  And she blessed us with MORE baby things.  Gotta love that lady! It was soooo nice seeing her too! I also got to see another friend who used to attend our church at a wedding this weekend. I was overjoyed to see her....and she had two nautical inspired outfits for Preston!
People are just too good to him! Lol But who's complaining?

Peev of the Week-Swelling!  Ughh. The dreaded face puff has come into full affect. Though my water retention isn't bothering me that much I looked back at a photo of my pre preggo self and was like whoaaaa where did my face go.  I somewhat like my preggo face better... As it glows and just has a cuteness about it...but there are times I wish I was a 'belly only' weight gainer.

Freak of the week- I keep dreaming my baby is coming early! :0  My latest dream was the most vivid of all my dreams.  I distinctly saw his long legs, eyes, full head of hair and fair complexion.  I wonder how much he will look like the baby in my dreams.  In my dream he resembled my Dad if anyone.
Every time I dream of him my excitment grows stronger and stronger. I just can't believe I will have a precious son! :D My dreams have freaked me out a bit because I tend to have dreams that come true. Atleast realistic dreams.

Bump and Baby

This week he is 15-16 inches weighing from 2.5 to 3 lbs.  Crazy to think he is almost half his birth weight already! :0  He is the size of a butternut squash!  Below is a photo of me at 29 weeks withmy 2nd to the left and 29 weeks with 3rd to the right.  My bump is a little bigger now, but when i looked at next weeks photo of Miya, I  think it's just the outfit that made me look smaller.   In both pictures the face puff has set in.  My hands are a bit swollen too.  And over all my body feels puffier. I usually retain quite a bit of water during pregnancy and find it crazy how quickly is goes away after birth!
I have yet to step on the scale this week, but I have a OB apt on Thursday where I am sure my weight gain will send me into a two day depression! HAHAHAH!  I just can't get used to seeing the scale increase...regardless of how cute it looks! LOL

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Summer Wardrobe

Words can NOT express how happy I am winter is behind us!  Usually I love fall and winter for clothing.  I love boots,turtle necks, pencil skirts and the like...but being preggo my style just wasn't working.  I also wasn't about to go buy a whole new maternity wardrobe for my last child. Kinda silly.

So with spring and summer upon us I was delighted to pull out my spring/summer  wardrobe!

Flowy dresses, maxi dresses, fit and flair perfect for the pregnant woman??  And did I mention they look even cuter when you have a baby bump???

See I have never been keen on summer clothing because I find I often look like I am swimming in my dresses. Or I have some dresses I rarely wear because they are for bustier ladies...def not an issue for me this summer!

My eyes literally lit up with excitement as I pulled out my clothing today.  I felt like I just went shopping and I didn't spend a dime.  Also a good friend blessed me with her maternity summer dresses when she was pregnant past summer... So all round I will be styling this season!

Reason this has me so excited is I really had visions of being this cute well dressed momma. Though I didn't look hideous this past winter...I still wasn't impressed and finding clothing to wear was a HUGE stress ALL the time!

Here are a few of spring/ summer outfits :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

27 Weeks...third trimester here we come

Photo Credit to Big Sis Tiana
Here we are...what feels like the home stretch. One trimester left to go!!
It's bitter sweet...a friend had her baby over the weekend and that definitely added to my anxiousness to see my little Preston! Alright here's the update:

Symptoms of the Week:
This is my first week really having notable back discomfort.  Mostly when I sit down for too long or bend!  I bought a mop this week (first time owning a mop in 4/5 years...always get down on my hands and knees and scrub-a-dub-dub) yet, even using the mop I notice I got little back spasms.  I bought it thinking it would be better for me, since I am only allowed to do 'light cleaning'.  Feel like more work than getting on my hands and knees.  

Craving of the Week:  This week cherries have been on the brain.  I usually buy frozen cherries.  So it satisfies my need for something cold, sweet and healthy!  I love that they are pitted for me.  Makes it easier to eat.  Other than that I haven't really had any strong cravings.  I still prefer salty to sweet...but my sweet tooth has come back a bit the last couple weeks.  I found my cravings were a lot more intense in the first trimester... Now they are more just 'desires'.  But if I don't get it, it's all good!

Peak of the Week- with 12/13 more weeks of pregnancy left, hubby and I realize our lives are about to change quite a bit.  So for the next 12/13 weeks till babies born we are going to make special effort to weekly do something special together and cherish some alone time. For the first few months having a new born that can be nearly impossible.  And really not the season you even care to be away from your child.  Last night we went for caramel decaf Latte's (a new fav of mine) and for a drive.  The longer I  am married the more I enjoy my husbands company.  He is one of the best of friends any one could ever have and has been such a huge support to me over the years.  Sorry for all that pathetic gushy wooshy ranting... But I want my little Preston to know how amazing his daddy was while mommy was pregnant... So one day he can be the same support if not more for his wife!

Peev of the Week- can't say I have any this week lol. I think I covered them in my Peev Post. Haha.  One thing that was bothering me but got squared away at my Dr apt was my 'due date change'.
My due date was changed to July 2 but after speaking with my Dr she agreed to leave it at my original date July 13.  Hurray!  The reason I wasn't to keen on the change was because I don't want to end up prematurely inducing.  Hospitals will induce you at a week past your due date. If my due date is July 2 that still brings me a week earlier than my original date and I am almost 100% my original date is correct.  I know down to the date when this little boy was conceived and I know my last period to me the ultrasound at 25 weeks is just showing I am gonna have a BIG Boy.  When I had my fundal height measurement, my Dr said my tummy measured a week bigger. I also don't have big hips for my little one to bury into so my belly is all forward.  From behind you cant tell I am preggo! I also carry nice atooo high... I have very strong stomach muscles and my doc said that can be a reason I carry so high and out front.  My muscles are holding everything up and in.  It  looks like a basketball is shoved under my shirt.  Totally cute!!

Bump and  Baby-
This little guy is 15-16 inches.  And the size of a cauliflower?? Lol these fruits and veg are getting more and more crazy by the week!   His kicking has simmered down this week. But I think one main reason is that he's getting too big to be doing summersaults in my tummy anymore.  The other day he
stretched out so long my tummy looked like I had swallowed a football!!  I started doing something called 'kick counts'. You basically sit or lay down for one hr and the goal is that the baby kicks 10 times within that hour.  Preston will always kicks l0 times way under that amount, so I don't stay for too long. But it's a sweet mommy/son time and a good way for me to know all is good under the hood!!

The only 'flower" in this house are these pretty flowers given to me from a sister in church! 
I couldn't find any cauliflower at the grocery store this week!  But I will keep looking before
the week is up so I can get my official picture! :D

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Preggo Perks

Well I already did my peev post so here's to all the things I LOVE about pregnancy.

1) Daily witnessing a miracle take place in my body! May sound a bit cliché... But go through it and you will understand!

2) The special treatment- Everyone from family to friend, stranger to treats a pregnant women with this solemn respect and favor.  Maybe it's just me but, I get doors opened for me, meals prepared, back rubs offered and basically treated like royalty for 9+ months.  This doesn't happen to this extent at any other time.  Add bedrest to that and wow your treated like the Queen of England!

3)The beauty.  Though it can make you feel fat and not the hottest at times...there is a special beauty of a pregnant women.  A glow, a joy, a radiance like no other.  Even I look at pictures of myself sometimes and think 'wow I look so beautiful'. Haha...I swear I am not vain! Lol

4) The food!  Maybe it's just me but food tastes better when I am preggo.  Maybe it's because of the cravings...but I never enjoy food to this extent as a non pregnant lady.  Probably why I have gained 20ish lbs so far!  Lol. Enjoying food a little too much!  Actually my weight gain is pretty normal... But since when does putting on 20 plus pounds feel normal?

5) Something Grand to look forward to.  For the next 9months you have one thing on the brain. One event that will change your life and bring the most happiness you will probably ever experience.  And every day you get to look forward to that.  While the average person is looking forward to what?...The weekend?  Lol

Oh how I love pregnancy.  Can't believe it's almost over.  But I went in prepared... Knowing it's our last. I have no regrets!  I have cherished it all thus far!  And look forward to relishing in the last few weeks of preggohood!:)

Below is Miya getting all ready for her little bro. Every day she goes into his room and plays with his clothes or toys.  Pretends to put him to sleep in his bassinet.  So so neat to see the difference between a 4 year old and an 11 year old, in terms of reaction to having a  new sibling. Miya is like overjoyed and Tiana is more neutral.  Happy but not overboard. Lol

Birth Plan Au Natural

Who would have thought that you would need a plan for labor? But it's highly recommended and given I want to have an all natural labor, it's about time to put a plan into place.

Why natural Labor?

-Delivering a drug free baby
-Faster recovery for mom
-Being fully present during labor
-No medical invention side effects
-Less chance of getting csection or use of forceps,vacuum... Ouch!
-Alert baby once born
-Over all best for mom & baby
-Placenta births naturally and less chance of having it break off and some left inside leading to postpartum hemorrhage (happened to me :/)
-shorter labor
-better chance at breastfeeding
-Gods original plan(with a little pain haha)

With epidural's and medical interventions on the rise only 10% of women who birth in hospitals give birth naturally!

While the rest of the world is having natural labors, more developed parts of the world have sadly shied away from the God intended way of laboring and copped out for something much 'easier'.
But is it really?

Now this isn't to put down any woman who has had an epi or some sort of medical intervention because sometimes they are 100% necessary.  But most of the time they aren't.

A lot of women sell themselves short of the sheer joy and exhilaration natural labor can bring, out of fear of pain and the unknown.

From my very first pregnancy natural labor has always intrigued and inspired me.  But sadly I was induced (medical intervention) and the pain was so great an epidural was NEEDED.

My second, I was on a roll and laboring naturally in the hospital for 5 hrs and probably 3-4 at home first.  I was strong and completely ready for a labor au natural.  But my little one pooped in the womb and I wasn't dilating as fast as they wanted and once again induction and an epidural were needed. Though the epidural didn't work that time. Pitocin(induction drug is a beast)

I was left feeling let down.  I know I could do this. It's what my body was made to do...but I wasn't given the opportunity.  I am praying this time I am.

I saw this one video of this women laboring... Pushing that baby out and she was as calm as ever.  Not even a cry.  By watching the video(search painless natural labor on YouTube) you wouldn't even know she was in labor.  My favorite part about what I have seen and read about natural birth is the mother's reaction once the baby is born.

You see once you have medical intervention or pain meds your alertness is altered.  Your hormones are played with and your bodies natural endorphins and pain releasing hormones are not released.  Moms who deliver naturally have a far different reaction to their child's birth than moms who had epidurals.  (Though we are all equally happy and relieved once it's over lol)

The joy and pride on their faces is priceless. These women feel like champs... Like they have just conquered the world!  And on a small scale they really have. Labour is no easy feat!

Natural labor for those who plan for it seems to be a wonderful endeavor.  Then there are the women who had every intention to have pain meds but just were too late to be offered them.  These women often feel like this was a living hell.  Seeing as they weren't mentally prepared for it.  

That being said for the next 12 weeks, myself and my hubby will be mentally preparing for a natural child birth.

Ways I plan on preparing:

Preparing mentally for a great deal of pain.  I have actually experienced a pain that is worse than labor over the summer when I had emergency surgery.  Gives me some hope I can cope!

Practicing relaxation techniques.  Breathing, visualization,  focusing.

Learning and teaching my husband of what brings me comfort in times of pain.  A big one for me is heat. So applying heat packs, back rubs and the like.

So here's hoping all goes well

Something's that will be included in my birth plan are:

1) Little to no monitoring while in labor.
I want to be able to have the freedom to move as much as possible.

2) Not to be offered any drugs or meds.  This is all under the assumption my baby is thriving. When drugs are off the table there is no back up plan.  True strength comes when you feel you have no choice but to be STRONG!

3) Ability to push in position I am most comfortable with and 15 minutes of skin to skin contact once baby is born. No whisking away for weight and a million tests that truthfully can wait provided baby comes out crying and thriving:)

We have a few other things in our birth plan plan but this post is getting long. I also forgot to mention I plan to labor at home for as LONG as possible.  They say this is one of the best ways to pull of a natural labor in a hospital setting.  As most hospitals don't have the time or energy to deal with a naturally laboring mom. 

Of course all of this is really up to the good Lord.  I have learned labor is not something you can plan.  Plan for yes... But how it goes down it altogether different.

Being my 3rd pregnancy I am much more aware of my options.  Knowledge really is power and the more you know the better you feel going into labor  and when hiccups come. 

However should God forbid I need to have any sort of intervention, me and that epidural will be reuniting one last time ASAP.  Not trying to be a birthing martyr... No thank you!

This post is in no way to put down those who have had or plan to have a medically intervened pregnancy.  But I do hope it at least inspires you to research more about natural labor and it's benefits!! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

26 Week Update

Symptom of the Week-Tears! This week my emotions have been on an all time high!  Very annoying . I cry for anything... Good or bad!  It's ridiculous!
Craving-Jamaican bun, cheese and fried fish!  Easter did me well this year! My fav thing about Easter food is the traditional Jamaican bun and cheese with fried fish.  I had MORE food than any preggo lady could ask for or should probably eat.  Needless to say this week I will have to take it easy after my over indulgence in the yummy Easter food :D I probably gained 10 lbs in one weekend lol

Peak- Little to no contractions! So happy those have subsided.  I guess bed rest is helpful after all. Another peak was hubby and I booked a 'baby moon' for mid may.  A sweet little getaway before the Mister comes!  I am thoroughly excited for that. And by then my bed rest will be coming to an end so I will be able to WALK freely . Lol.

Peev- See my last post on preggo peevs! LOL  My appetite is back this we know what that means :0  LIttle Preston's going to be packing on some pounds...and me too....sadly! LOL

Bump and Baby- Well at 26 weeks my little man is about the size of a cucumber and at 2 1/2 pounds. I personally think he is longer and weighs more.  When he tries to stretch out in my tummy it actually hurts sometimes.  He's def a big boy!  My oldest was 9 lbs 5 oz...I hope he doesn't get that big. Hahaha!
Big sister Miya had to get in on the weekly
Bump action

Me & Hubby 6 1/2 months preggo

Suffice to say this bump is growing lol

Monday, April 6, 2015

Preggo Peevs

Pregnancy really is a wonderful thing! And I truly enjoy it and have loved it all.  I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world...this little man is worth every discomfort, scare and stress...but can we just be real here for a post...sometimes it sucks!! There are some things that really irk me about pregnancy...and I just figured I would get them off my chest!

1)Skin Changes...this pregnancy has given my skin trouble from  day one! And i know some people may look at my pictures or see me and think 'what is she talking about?'.  But truth me told the places that are affected most I hide-able for me.  My eczema on my arms, hands, legs, back and neck has been the WORST ever since that test went positive 6 1/2 months ago.  I should have known from then I was having a little boy because with my girls my skin great...apart from pregnancy mask! But hey we cant't have it all!

2)My ever growing booty and boobies!  While yes I love being a full figured woman... this is just a little to much junk in my trunk! LOL Dressing modestly is so much more challenging and I am constantly self conscious about how 'shapely I look". I know some women are probably thinking "die, die now" and would kill to have "a full figure"....I think it's not the body that bothers me but the "ooh la la comments and stares" that come with it...bringing me to my next peev
Tummy rubs actually don't bother me,
but i know some women hate it!

3) Unwarranted comments about my appearance. Listen I am pregnant I am growing a baby, my body is gonna change and grow!  I am not sure where people got the idea that a pregnant women wants to be called "big, chubby, sooo pregnant, thick or puffy'.'s not a compliment and can send a preggo lady to the bathroom in tears...true story!! LOL  SO if u aren't pregnant all you should ever say to a pregnant lady is 'you look beautiful' 'you're glowing' 'awww what a cute baby bump'....or shut up and talk about the weather!  HAHAHAHA!! We don't want a break down of our size and what is or isn't getting bigger.  This can also go for  a women  carrying smaller than usual...that can cause much stress on a mom too!!
Aahhh felt so good to get that off my chest

4)The Scares- having a baby is a serious miracle.  And can even be a dangerous one.  I have had two easy breezy pregnancies...and took them totally for granted. Experiencing a high risk pregnancy has shown me how fragile life is in the womb.  Though these scares have really taught me to appreciate a healthy pregnancy, they are totally annoying, making me miss the pregnancies where i lifted entire sofas, built cribs and worked out like a non pregnant woman.

Apart from those little hiccups pregnancy truly can be a walk in the park!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Very Happy Easter!

A glimpse of the play I attended!
This week has been quite the emotional roller coaster for us! Filled with tons of ups and downs.
To make a long story short, I began to have some preterm labor symptoms early this week and was admitted into hospital for two days to be monitored!

A quick little testimony.  The checked my cervix and said it was short and open.  NOT good at my stage of pregnancy.  I was sent for an ultrasound that confirmed what the doctor had told us.,  The tech sent me to the washroom and had me come back to look again!  Would you believe my cervix was closed the next time she checked!!  The technician was over joyed she shouted "it;s closed, it's closed, now it's closed!   God is good.  Also seeing Preston in an ultrasound again was so moving! They confirmed once again He is indeed a HE! It was LOUD and CLEAR on that screen! LOL

Since my hospital stay I have been ordered to be on bed rest!  UGGHHHH!!! But this has proved helpful as my contractions have subsided a great deal. My A-mazing husband has been cooking meals and cleaning the house for me.  My sweet mother in law brought me a whole Easter weekend feast of food yesterday plus some little treats for the girls and Mr. Preston Ray.

I was fortunate enough to get out of the house last night and go to an Easter Play.  Cabin fever is def setting in!  The play was wonderful and just reminded me of the goodness of Christ.  This week could have gone altogether differently for our family, but sweet Jesus worked it all out for his glory!

This easter will definitely be one to remember!!
He who finds a GOOD husband...finds a good thing lol

Here I am 26 or 28 Weeks Pregnant LOL
All I know is I am pregnant that's for sure!LOL

One of the fine meals my hubby made for me!
Dumpling, potatoe, plantain and salt fish & callalo
Can life get any better???