Saturday, May 30, 2015

Gonna Miss this!

Today was a busy day for me.
We moved hubbies office out and got Preston's room ready for painting.

After all the hard work of going up and down the stairs carrying this and that, my feet and back were not impressed.  So I headed off to my bi-weekly appointment at the nail salon. 

I just love going to this salon and today was extra special. There was going to be a bit of a wait and another lady was still ahead of me.  After the 15 min walk there, I was sort of looking forward to being taken immediately... My feet needed a desperate soak in some cool water.

After about a 3 minute wait, they called the lady ahead of me.  She kindly said 'no let the pregnant lady go first'.  My eyes lit up in gratitude. Talk about special treatment. Then the staff helped me up ( I didn't need help lol) Helped me sit(once again not needed). Even wanted to take off my shoes. It's like preggo ladies are holy in this shop lol!

As I walked home, I began to think about how my pregnancy is practically over. Granted I have just a short amount of time compared to the 34 weeks I have already been pregnant.
I began to tear up thinking about how I never again will feel the twists and kicks of a baby in my stomach! I will never hear a child's heart beat for the first time, or learn of their gender. I will never have another ultrasound, wear maternity pants...wonder when my water will break!? I am really gonna miss this!

Unto other exciting new, today my diaper subscription arrived!! Who doesn't love getting things in the mail?  Lol

The honest box was filled with 6 packs of diapers and 4 packages of wipes.  I also ordered their healing balm (which I had tried before) and a free lip balm.  It was packaged so nicely and a delight to open! 

The diapers are too cute!  I will receive two orders (hopefully) before my little boys arrival.  I just love the convenience of this. I never have to worry about running out of wipes or diapers! 

Well I am sitting here waiting for the nursery to be done painting.  I can hardly wait.  I love fresh paint and we paint our home pretty frequently(pro of having a dad in the industry). Also my bathroom is being painted tonight too!  Yay!! Needs a new paint job!  Hope to paint the girls room and mine before Preston's arrival too.  Make everything nice and fresh( mmmh is my nesting gene kicking
Well thank goodness it's Friday!!
Have a lovely weekend!:)
Nautical Toes :D
First Honest Box :D

Daddy helps paint
The Beginning of organizing the closet! My fav part!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

34 Weeks...

Symptoms of the Week: Lower back pain! Just when I thought I had escaped back pain it came and kicked me in the butt! 
I think it's from moving Gary's office down two floors! But I also do feel my little one has moved lower into my pelvis. However it only lasted 48 hours!  So Yay!  Today I am normal again!
Craving of the Week: Didn't have any this week. Actually food doesn't seem very appealing to me lately.  I just want to drink!
Peak of the Week: Teehee! My shower!  It was amazing and deserves its own post...soon to come!
Peev of the Week:
Excitement keeping me up some nights.  I need to learn not to think about Prestons arrival before bed time!
Bump and Baby: I don't know all the specifics, but I do know he's a big BOY!
I can't wait to see his sweet face! Ahhh! So exciting!  His movement  this week have been very distinct!! Also I have been getting braxton Hicks contractions more regularly again.  I guess my body is gearing up!  Not much longer now!  So bitter sweet!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nursery, Emotions and Heat, No Doc

Guess whats in a BIG brown box on my living room floor?
That's right! It's Preston's crib.
We were blessed with it by a couple in church!
It was dropped off earlier this week! :)

Originally we planned to have my hubby build the crib from scratch.  Now that we have been blessed with this crib, he will be making Preston's change table instead. 

As I looked down at this huge box the reality of my little one coming is getting more apparent.  My emotions are mounting up by the second!  That feeling of being on the brink of tears is still there...and ready to make an appearance any day now(I fear it won't be pretty)!  I walked into Babies R us the other day and nearly cried.  I watched a Vlog of birth story and bawled like a baby( the video is linked in this post.....please watch and comment if you cried too! LOL).  Crying during birth stories is a norm for me, however I usually cry right when the baby is put on the mother's chest...this time I was crying from start to finish! LOL  During my photo-shoot I had moments I wanted to tear up...ugggh this is ridiculous!  Of course it's happy tears, but one feels a bit silly tearing up for EVERYTHING!

Anyhow this morning my wonderful Dad brought me paint, brushes and a tray to paint. What a blessing he is! We very well may paint the nursery tonight!  I wanted to have it painted before I set up the crib.  We will need to officially move hubby's office downstairs. Something I feel bad about...but has to be done!  I think another reason I have waited so long to set up nursery is for that very reason.  However  now with a month and a bit left of pregnancy...possibly's time! LOL

On to other topics..this heat is killing me!  What person in their right mind plans to be 8/9 months pregnant in summer?  Oh!  While there are many perks...trying to find one lol), I think being 9 months pregnant in June/July is complete foolishness!  I AM SOOOOO HOT!  I am not even a heavy sweater.  I usually don't get hot very easily...but these days I feel like a furnace!  Also we haven't turned on the air/con yet...because well it's just May after all!  The only positive of being this hot is that it keeps my pores clear and me drinking crazy amounts of water! :D

Also it's not like once you have the baby you are magically back to normal.  NO... often you get hot flashes as your bodies hormones go back to normal.  Breast feeding can make you sweat like a beast and holding a baby all the time in this heat probably isn't all the comfortable either! Geez Louise, it's gonna be a hot summer for me! :0

I didn't have my usual check up this week.  I was excited at the time to be able to skip/prolong and apt.  My doc said her office was going to be a zoo this week so she recommended coming the following week. 
I was sooo happy... I feel lately I have lived at the DR's.  However missing my apt this week felt very odd.   I found myself panicking over everything.  Starting next week I will be going weekly:D  I lool forward to next week as I have much to talk with my Dr about as well as booking my final ultrasound of my pregnancy! 

A Day in the Life of a Model

This past week I was blessed to have to opportunity to take a little bump photo shoot.
A friend that is an aspiring photographer surprised me with this precious gift!
She bought me a beautiful new dress for the shoot and came prepared with props.

I have said it so many times over the years but I truly have THE best friends in the entire world!
My life long friend who is a manger at Mac had me come in to get my makeup done!
Life long besties!
I was surrounded with customers and well wishing staff that would smile and watch my makeup get done by the "manager".  This is a rare event because she is usually bottled up in a room doing admin or just making sure the store is run well.

When I arrived she smiled and said 'I am so happy you're here...I just want to do someone's MAKEUP'.
I have known her since we were in preschool, and she has done my makeup tons and tons of times over the years...and maybe she has even done yours if your reading. (she's like the church makeup artist lol) But I still get excited every time her brushes grace my face! :D

When I was all done I headed home where my "photographer awaited me' and quickly got changed.
First she started with some casual pictures in my room.  We used my special Daddy Hand Print tank top that was used as a gender reveal photo a few months back. I took pictures with each of my family members and laughed at how awkward it can be to act naturally! LOL

We went outside for some sweet pictures at the park in my new coral dress she had bought me!  I felt so strange with half the parks occupants watching me yet again! LOL  I looked quite over dressed for a trip to the park that's for sure! LOL

We finished at my home with some shots with a book called "Are you my mother?".
We attempted some glamorous shots on my shag rug...but I just couldn't get serious enough to look that "diva". Maybe next time...wait there will be no next time! LOL

Sadly she would only let me see two pictures :( The rest will be a surprise...oh how I loathe surprises!  She got quite the kick out of it and said "it makes it fun for her this way'.  LOL She's lucky I love her or I would have hijacked that camera and looked! LOL
I did get my daughter to sneak a few pics here and there.  SO here is a small glimpse of whats to come...excuse poor image quality!

I took this random shot after the shoot! LOL
I just LOVE this shot! 

33 Weeks and Counting

Week 33
This week is filled with just too much excitement for my little self to contain!
I am soaking up and cherishing all of it... seasons like this don't come everyday!!
Symptom of the Week:
Does excitement count?  Lol I honestly am so amazed how good I feel. Now officially off bed rest I have been going on walks every other day and just getting this body moving.  The only physical complaint I have, would be feeling a little stiff when I wake up!  And that's a norm with or without pregnancy. So I will take these lack of symptoms gladly!  I briefly had back pain today which subsided!
Sleep is still great ..unless I am excited lol I notice if I don't drink enough water I get a little brain fog! 
Craving of the Week:
Same old really.  Good old h20, frozen cherries, mangoes.  Anything cold really.
A little peak from the photo shoot
Peak of the week:
There are too many!
But one is a bump photo shoot!
I will post a separate entry for that :D
Another peak...I signed up for a diaper subscription!  Each month I will have diapers and wipes delivered right to my door and the coolest part about these diapers....I get to pick the design's... guess what design they had? Yup...nautical... Anchors to be specific!
For more info on where to get this deal check out
Peev of the Week
I don't have one this week!  Lol um let me think frozen cherries are all done? Lol
I had one day that I just felt like I wanted to cry the whole day. Lol. Absolutely no reason...just on the brink of tears! Haha!
I never did cry but it was a weird feeling.
Bump and Baby
Mr Man is over 4 lbs this week and 17 inches long!  Today I was playing with him.  I would push, he would push back. At one point it felt like a little foot or ankle pushing out against my hand.  I quickly hugged my stomach.  A real little baby is inside my right now!:0
I know that sounds like a given, but the miracle of life never ceases to amaze me!!
Also starting to think my belly dropped? Seems lower to me...
Well that's a wrap for week 33!
34 here we come!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Head Down!! Coke & Sushi

So I am 33 weeks and this little guy still isn't head down!

This has been making me nervous since week 29! Miya was head down at 36 and tiana was why I am nervous is beyond me!?

My doc keeps saying he has plenty of time to flip.  But he's not breech either.  He is transverse which basically means he is laying side ways in my tummy. Maybe more on a slant but sideways all the same :/

He seems to be pretty comfortable in this position. I have tried all sorts of maneuvers to get home boys head to head south lol...but to no avail so far!

The problem with a transverse laying baby is it is impossible to deliver vaginally. So usually a c section would be required.

Though I am believing I won't need that, I have been researching and learning about c sections just so I am not caught off guard.  Really a c section can happen to anyone even if the baby is head down and given I have only had vaginal births I never gave a c section much thought.

While I certainly wish, hope and pray this won't be my fate, it doesn't hurt to prepare!

Please Pray guys his head goes down...and quick! :)

In the mean time today I treated myself to a California roll and a coke!  There was no raw fish in my worries. Just shrimp and crab.  Oh how I love sushi!  And the coke with lime just topped it off. I forgot how good coke was.  I have prb only had coke on two other occasions during pregnancy!  I am not overly extreme, I do stay away from coke preggo or not, as it's not very healthy but a small indulgence won't hurt. 

Here's to a down turned head by week 34!!

Below is a pick of my youngest. She gave birth to an average sized healthy brown pillow! Momma & pillow are doing well!  Haha

Thursday, May 21, 2015

No Nesting For Me!

This pregnancy has been so different from my last in so many ways!
But the one area I notice major differences is that I am super laid back this time around.
Usually I am anxious and bustling around trying to prep for this and prep for that.  Packing this bag, cleaning this, organising that. I usually go into full on NESTING mode.
But this pregnancy I haven't been like that at all! Perhaps it's because this isn't my first, where I don't know what to expect at all.  And it's not my second where I have to go from the huge jump of one child to two and making that transition.
Whatever it is, I find it quite amusing! I just know all will work out in it's time.  I feel I have spent more of this pregnancy enjoying rather than preparing. 
I wish I had been like this for past pregnancies because then maybe the time would not have gone so slowly towards the end!
With my first I had her room all ready about three months in advanced and Miya two months in advance.  I remember time slowed down drastically after all the major things were completed.
People ask me what will I do if he comes early? Should he come early the basics are ready and waiting for him.
I have learned having everything just so or perfect isn't always necessary.  That's saying A LOT coming from me.  The Queen of wanting things just so. I am not sure what has sparked this change of heart...maybe my sons boy traits are shining through my personality whilst in my womb.
Whatever the case is...I like it. I love being this relaxed and laid back.
I hope I stay this way and my crazy nesting gene doesn't kick in a few weeks from now! Lol
With Tiana I became very OCD. I washed my bed sheets daily (and i had pay laundry lol) I was constantly cleaning, NON stop.  With Miya I def entered the nesting phase, but nothing compared to Tiana.  I found it comedic too because i was only 18 and behaving that way! LOL
With Miya I was very protective and private after the fact.  Almost to a fault!  This time I def plan to allow more people to visit and welcome 'help'!  My desire to be superwoman has long passed!
I have always envied people that were able to just relax and go with the flow!  I pray I remain this way!! :D
Happy Friday!!!!

Energy, Doctors and Nervousness

I covet this drink!
So I am 32/33 weeks preggo and am still quite the whipper snapper! I am amazed I feel so good. I actually feel better now than I did a few months ago!? How is that possible?
The past few weeks my energy has skyrocketed and today I realized the cause of it.  Vitamins and Similac Mom!  I am not saying it's made me super woman but it has certainly made me sleep deeper and have long spurts of energy in the day. Something I was lacking before. Not to mention switch in weather and good old vitamin D!

Not  so bad for almost 33 weeks preggo!
It's so nice to feel this good towards the end. I have been lucky so far my feet haven't swollen. I am lucky to have a naturally round face so the extra 'chub' can 'gwan'(!  At my prenatal apt this week my doc said ALL LOOKED PERFECT! I just love this doctor, she seems to really love what she does!  Every time she measures my bump or checks my child's heart beat, she has this proud smile on her face.  Almost as if it's her own child.  You can see the joy her job brings her!

This is a HUGE change for me having a doctor this engaged and caring! My last Doc was very good, but being a man, he  was much different.  My favorite memory of Dr Gurland was when I came in for an appointment and I asked how he was, he wittedly replied "not pregnant".  LOL I was dying of laughter...I think I replied "lucky you" and he said "believe me, I KNOW more than most".  My fav memory of my doctor now or at least 'funny' memory was a few visits ago.  I told her how I was getting numbness in my hand when I bent over.  She looked at me with a serious face and opened her mouth with what I thought would be profound medical advice to say "well you know what they say...don't bend over". HAHA Nice when docs have a sense of humor!

Unto other topics! Last night I began to think about my little man and how he will be coming soon! I began to think of my other due date which is for two weeks earlier that i had been given a few months ago. All of a sudden a wave of panic, nervousness and anxiousness hit me!  I am having another BABY! Aaaahhhhhh! The reality that this guy could very well come early July, end of June hit big time!
It was the strangest sensation as it had nothing to do with labor.  I was just envisioning him in his bassinet next to my bed and BAM the emotion struck! Hard! I guess this is what happens when you're too cool for school and been all calm and collected during pregnancy!  People have asked me if I am  scared, nervous and the list goes on and I always say NO. I'm fine!

This is my 3rd time doing this, I am a veteran now...I got this! HA! I tell you for about 3-5 minutes last night as I stared at my ceiling i certainly didn't feel like 'I got this'! LOL  Thankfully the feeling was short lived and I was back to my calm laid back self!  Which is a whole other post in of it's self!  Preston has changed my personality! LOL A lot!  A friend joked it's your husband in you!

Anyhow, all is back to normal now!
I am quite enjoying this week of pregnancy!: D

Craving # 1-The pepperoni & jalapeno half is MINE
I must be preggo...I hate pepperoni! :o

Craving # 2-This is daily for me, so in my opinion not
even a craving!  I can't do without it though!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 32 Baby!

Symptom of the Week-

Pinched nerve in my wrist! Talk about ouch! I woke up with one a few days ago. My whole arm felt debilitated!  Thankfully over the past few days the pain has begun to subside.  Now it's just my thumb that hurts. But boy has it made me appreciate having a fully functioning hand! LOL

32 Weeks!
Another more pleasant symptoms is deep sleep!  I have been sleeping like a baby quite literally!  And have been filled with tons of energy.  Most likely because I am sleeping so well!  It's felt great as this is truly a rare occurrence during pregnancy! Especially at 32 weeks! I didn't wake once last  night and woke up feeling like I could take on the world! :D

My last symptom-I seem to have an abundance of milk in these suckers! LOL My son will definitely be blessed with a full milk supply.  I leak colostrum(first milk baby drinks) every day and I am finding it increasing as the weeks continue!  It excites me though because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE breastfeeding and breast fed both  my girls for 2+ years! So these little leaks are sweet reminders of what's to come!

Craving of the Week:  I think my sweet tooth is slowly making a reappearance!!! Sour things are still enjoyable to me, but this evening I ate about 15 jube jubes...and it's taking everything in me not to go down stairs and eat anymore!! LOL
Also frozen fruit, ice and cold drinks still continue to be high on my list of cravings!

Peak of the Week: Celebrating 8 years of marriage with my boo! Our getaway was perfect!
Another peak-a sister surprised me this week with a new maternity dress!  What a stinking blessing that was!  I was soooooooo happy and thrilled!  I also was blessed with two bath and body works candles from another generous sister at church!  New dress, new candles in one day! I AM VERY THANKFUL!

Peev of the Week- I guess going back to my pinched nerve.  But it's really not bad, it could be worse. Each week or every couple weeks I feel like I am having some sort of physical attack.  Whether it's my skin, my hair, my nerve, contractions...if it's not one thing its another.  But it won't get me down!
On the hair front, my hair stopped falling out and is growing back. I had one strong contraction on  my babymoon but other than that it has calmed right down! HURRAY!
My skin has been ...well deal-able! LOL  It has been much worse i can't complain!  Summer def helps! Not as dry!  All comes with the territory I guess!  A friend told me today Preston is just taking all my good looks! HAHA I think he's gonna look just like ME!  But either way it's all good...his daddy is very handsome too!

Bump and Baby

My sweetheart is the size of a large jamica this week!  Whats a jamica anyways? lol Getting closer to the four pound mark and gearing up for his grand entrance. This week he must have changed positions as I have felt kicks on both my left and right sides.  He has a very definite sleep/wake schedule! My youngest layed with me on the bed last night singing to her little bro and he began to kick as she sang.  She would get all excited and sing some more and then he would kick some more!  She yelled for her big sis to come and see!  I will miss the interactions of my children with  my baby bump!  It's a special time.  One where there is no fighting, no jealousies, or  Having two daughters already I am not naive enough to think all will be perfect once this little guy is born!  I am sure it will be tough for both my girls at times....yet very exciting!  Here's to a new future! :D

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Who cares how I look?

Vanity vanity!
Ughh why does life make us so vain? The pressure to look good every time I step out the house is getting on my last nerve!
I have decided I will only put the effort to look nice when its needed.  Yea yea, shame on me. :/ But looking nice takes a lot of work for me.
My hair is like a full time job and then my skin is another. And don't get me started with clothing! If I look nice preggo it's because I well put effort into it!  And though pregnancy makes me feel more beautiful, it also makes me feel tired...tired of trying to look good lol!
Today I had to run to the store to pick up something and saw 3 people I knew.  One just had to greet me! My face looked serious, I wasn't smiling, what possessed this person to yell my name and say hello from across the street is beyond me?  FYI don't always have to say hello if u see them on the street, especially  if they haven't seen u!  The other two people I dodged and I swear saw another person I knew but I was walking too quickly to really take in if it was them or not.
When I run errands I often have little desire to talk to anyone. I also have little desire to get dolled up for little errands.
Its def getting harder to pull off the hot mama look this late in the game.  I promise to still try but sheesh it's tiring me out!  I love that I have a hubby that loves me as is. And that I can be comfortable being myself around. I would hate to feel I needed to wear makeup or look pretty every day for him.
While he is worth it I think men appreciate the change in looks more than the consistent pretty. U have a few ugly days and then blow them away with a pretty....keeps em guessing!  That's my motto at least!
I always find after I give birth this strong desire to look pretty and do myself up.  But ATM...I could care less!!

Well guys that's my little preggo rant for the day! 

At least feet take little to no effort to look pretty! Just hire a professional! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 28

This week officially starts my third trimester! Woop woop!
I am pretty sure this will be my favorite and most coveted time in my pregnancy.
Some things I will enjoy:
It's ok to be huge at this point!  The baby is coming in a few short months!  When I think of it with April pretty much over that leaves me with two whole months of pregnancy left! Whoaaa!!
All the action happens next. From going on a babymoon, to getting the nursery in order, to a nautical baby shower to a pastors wife friend coming to visit...the next two months are JAM packed with excitement for myself and my family.
Well enough of that...
On to the update
Symptom of the Week-  None!  Last week I had back ache and treated myself to a pedicure on Friday.  The massage chair is unbelievable at this salon and even massages you bottom! Lol since then my back has felt amazing... Thinking of making it a weekly treat...only a pregnant woman can get away with that! Lol.
Craving of the Week: A burrito with all the fixings and habanero sauce! Had this craving for about 5 days and finally was able to satisfy it last night!  So stinking good! Mmmhh could eat one now!
Peak of the Week: Great preggo hair!  My hair hasn't changed much during pregnancy... If any at all...but I found this awesome product that has really agreed with my hair and given my luscious locks! One less thing to worry about!
Peev of the Week- It's all winding down now.  I suppose it's bitter sweet and I will laugh hysterically if come June I am complaining that the time is going too slow!  I must admit I have enjoyed every minute of this and have been in no rush to get to any specific week.  Like other pregnancies I couldn't wait for...week 12, week 20, week 35, week 40. 
Bump & Baby
Mr. Ray is the size of a squash of some sort this week.  I admit I am getting a bit lazy with the fruit or veg of the week shot.  I will take another bump/produce shot when the veg intrigues me! Lol
At this point he is doing more plumping up than lengthening.  At 16 1/2 inches and 3 pounds his main goal now is to get those cheeks plump for momma to kiss!!
Life: My pregnancy scare from 25 weeks is well behind us. For the most part I feel good. I just have to pace myself.
I  told my youngest in December the baby is coming when it's hot outside.  She is starting to notice the weather change and grow increasingly excited.
Last night I dreamed my little guy came early!:0 Not early enough to be premature, but early enough to surprise me.  I continue to pray he stays till full term. When I guessed dates he would be born July 2 came to mind.  That was before they tried to switch my due date to that day....maybe it's a sign. Another date I guess is July 12th.  
Hubby and I have continued our Sunday night dates.  This past week we went out with a couple from church.  I am really trying to cherish some of my freedom and ability to just do my own thing.  My daughters are big girls and aren't as 'mommy' needy as a new born.  It's a change I look forward to, but it will be an adjustment!! Haven't done this for 4 1/2 years!

Birth Story #1- Titi Pie

I have documented my birth story of my second but have yet to with my first!
I thought I would share!

Summer of 2003 I found out I was pregnant. Not necessarily the type of thing you plan at 17 years old!  That's right...17. But I have to admit once the initial shock of it wore off I had never been happier. 

My pregnancy with my first was quite normal. I had morning sicknesses, fatigue and the usual pregnancy symptoms.  At 4 months in I shared the news with my parent's! Lol one can only imagine how that went!
Tiana was due April 3rd. At 20 weeks I found out she was a girl.  I had been hoping for a boy but when I saw her heart beating through the ultrasound my heart welled up with love! 

I began organizing her room, purchasing items.  Her room theme was Winnie the Pooh. The walls were green and her furniture was white.  I did all the painting and assembling of furniture myself at 6 months pregnant.
With DD#1 I didn't show much until my 6-7 month of pregnancy. One day I literally woke up and had a full on bump.  It was very cool! 
The week of her due date I stayed at her grandmothers.  She lives minutes from Credit Valley Hospital and preferred I stayed there in the event I went into labor. 
My due date came and went and no baby.  I had a few false alarms and went into delivery only for them to send me right back.  I was miserable.  I wanted her out.
I just wanted to meet her and start our lives together.  Dr.Gurland scheduled me for induction on Sat April 10 th at 8am.  The night before I could hardly sleep. Finally she was coming.
At 7am I began getting dressed and getting ready to leave.  My doula was going to meet me at the hospital.  Once I got there they immediately hooked me up to iv's.

I was sooo excited! The Dr came in an explained what was about to happen and the process of my induction. First they would get me some IV and then break my waters.  After that they would start me on pitocin which would get my labor kick started. 
Being a new mom this all meant nothing to me. All that mattered was she was coming soon!

When the broke my waters I felt a warm gush of liquid come out. Everything became very VERY real.  They started to give me my pitocin to bring on contractions.  They were quite manageable at first.  After about 2-3 hrs they began to get stronger.
I would glare at the nurse when she would come in and turn up my drip.  One of the nurses was actually my friends cousin whom I used to hang out with from time to time(ironically she was on staff for my 2nd daughters labor,LOL). She was in school for nursing and happened to be doing her clinical that day.  She was very empathetic with me and encouraging.

Come lunch time I was DONE with the pain.  It was getting so strong I felt like I had no control. They offered me an epidural and I gladly accepted!  
Getting my epidural wasn't scary at all. You see when you are in that sort of pain the fear of a giant needle in your back pails in comparison!

I gladly hunched over and practically begged for them to insert it and FAST.
1...2...3...and it was in.  I was shocked.
Within minutes my contractions were nothing more than a spiked line on a charted paper.  I was in heaven. My doula's job got very easy as I began to feel very sleepy and dosed off to sleep.
They woke me a few times to see how far along I was.  Around 6pm, I was ready to wake up.  I was very thirsty and probably inhaled 4-5 cups of ice chips within the hour.
Slowly my stomach began to hurt. Like bad period cramps or the stomach flu.
I sincerely had to GO!
I told the nurse I needed to use the washroom. She said 'no, it's the baby'. I remember thinking this girl is a fool still in school...surely I can tell the difference between having to go and having a baby.

The cramps continued and increased until it dawned on me my epidural was no longer working. Those hard cramps were back. I begged for another epidural and a bathroom break and both were declined.

I was 10 centimeters dilated.  Just great I thought....I need to go to the washroom and u want me to push out a baby??  I didn't know then the sensation is the same.
The room quickly filled with what felt like hundreds of medical staff.  My Dr walked in all suited up, mask on and said 'push'.  This man just gets straight to business! LOL
So I did as I was told. At this point the pain was full on so pushing was a bit of a relief.  It indeed did feel like I was taking a very giant poop lol!  With 3-5 pushed Tiana was out and rested on my chest. 
It was over. I looked down at her and my very first words to her were ' you have beautiful skin'.  I remember thinking she was the most gorgeous baby I had ever rested my eyes on.

She weighed in at a whopping 9lbs 5 oz. 
She was perfect.  She started nursing like a champ. 

I had minor tearing and a few stitches.  All in all I recovered very quickly.
After her birth I remember specifically NOT wanting to do that EVER again.  Lol
You see going from no pain to all pain was a terrible feeling. In some ways I feel like I birthed her naturally because by the time I had her not a drug was in my system.  I only remember continuing to feel groggy afterwards. 
We spent one LONG night at her grandma's once I was released and then I went home. I was supposed to stay longer but I just wanted to get home and start life.  The day I got home from the hospital I walked her to the grocery store in her new stroller to do our groceries. 
I went back to school within the week and really just got on with life.  Only something an 18 year old could do.  I envy the energy I had back then!
She was a chronic nurser. She spent 90% of her day on my boob.  For her first year of life she was up every 1-2 hrs to feed.
I am sure I over fed her!  All she wanted was to nurse.  It was the most tiring year ever, yet somehow I got through as a single mom.
Single moms have a strength like no other.
They rely on no one, yet get the job done!  That time in my life taught me a lot and lead me to salvation. I didn't want her to grow up and live the same empty life I was living. I wanted more for her.  I often thank God for her precious influence lead me to Christ.  Showed me there was more to this life!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

31 Weeks Pregnant- Can I get any bigger?

31 weeks preggo!
This week I can't get over how big my belly is!!  Like where did that come from?
When my little man moves, he feels like a full size baby already. I can't imagine him any bigger!  I have gained about 25 lbs so far.  My first pregnancy I gained 60... I honestly can't even imagine how I managed that.  But Tiana was almost 10 lbs.  My second pregnancy I gained 35 or so lbs.  So we shall see how this one goes. But lately my belly feels huge to me!
It's growing by the second! Ha
Symptoms of the Week-
Improved Skin!  By some miracle my skin is way better than last week. I am so thankful for that because it was making me pretty miserable. Thanks to those who prayed for me:)
Leg Cramps-at night I find I get leg cramps. Last night I woke up yelling from the pain and woke hubby up. I felt bad I woke him over a leg cramp. But they hurt a lot. The best things to do is jump on it when you get one. Sounds a bit counter productive but I takes the pain away immediately!
Craving of the Week
Still water. I drink 3 litres of water a day.  I can NOT get enough water!  I can only imagine how that will increase as the weather warms up!:0 It's only may and it's been quite warm...never mind June...July!
Hotdogs!  This is a terrible craving. But we got a new BBQ and I just couldn't resist.  My kids were shocked I was eating them as I am very anti hot dog. The kids wouldn't even eat them!  Lol I am officially done now...even if another craving comes!

Peev of the Week-
Clothing!  Yup I just hate clothing.  I don't want to wear anything ever. I now see why women buy maternity clothing. I bought a maternity top the other day...what a difference. These clothes are made for your growing tummy!  They also fit nicely. I have dresses that are ' loose' but in certain places it's obvious they weren't made for a preggo mamma!
I am very tempted to buy some maternity wear for my last few weeks...but I will resist the urge and just go naked!  Joking! Lol
Bump & Baby
My prince is roughly 16.5 inches long and over 3.5 lbs.  He's the size of a coconut according to baby center this week!  A coconut?? Really?  What 16 inch coconut have you ever encountered? Lol
Not sure if he's head down yet, but his kicks are all on my upper right side. Every night I try and figure out his positioning or what body part is sticking out today!  The larger he gets the stranger my stomach looks. Taking on these new shapes and positions. Quite a site to see!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

A flash forward & look backwards!

This time next year I will be a mother of three! My dearest son will be almost 1 and pregnancy will be LONG behind me. :(
The older I get, the faster life seems to go! I hate it! Well, there are times we would rather fast forward through...but all in all life is a gift to be enjoyed!
As I sit on the eve of mother's day I am filled with much gratitude.  This time last year I had no idea what was in store for myself and my family.
A friend asked me what I would do differently with my son compared to my daughters.  Thoughts like baby wearing and easing up on sleep training came to mind but if truth be told I want to treasure the first year.
Most moms spend the first year waiting for it to be over. So much happens to your child in the span of one year. They go from not being able to do anything... To walking and talking??  Some how we miss the process in our sleep deprived lives, but this time I plan to cherish every stage.
I told a brother from church today as I set up for our mothers day luncheon that although pregnancy can be hard on the body and emotionally, I have ZERO desire to speed up the next few weeks.  It's a time I will never get back!
What an awesome mothers day gift God has given me this year!  Pregnant with my first son!  I truly feel like I have it made.  Two beautiful, hilarious girls and a little son on the way!  :D God is good!

Friday, May 8, 2015

He Moves!!

Here is my little guys response to his Daddy's preaching!  HEHE!

He does this EVERY Service!

I also find it interesting that I managed to get video of miya moving at this exact week in pregnancy too!  I was just never able to update it to the blog! Technology has become a lot easier I must say!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 30- let the count down begin

This week I am really not up to posting...but i will go ahead anyway...
Symptoms of the week-
Hair loss- yup. My hair was falling out. Not cool. Very vexing.  I see my doc Thursday but needless to say I am not impressed:/
Itchy witchy skin to the MAXIMUM!
It's like bugs crawling under my skin. I hate it and once again, am not impressed!:/
Leg cramps or shakes.  My leg will randomly twitch or cramp up on me.  How exciting??
Craving of the Week- ice cold water!
I come back to the h20 craving quite frequently!  No other beverage satisfies.  I am also craving good sleep. I am def in the  last stages of pregnancy and sleep is becoming much more sparse.  Over the weekend I got a 3 hrs night sleep and was up bright eyed after that.  Though I felt fine, mentally I knew I needed more sleep.
Peak of the Week- May is here! May is filled with so many good things. This month will probably be the highlight of pregnancy. I just hope I am feeling better to fully enjoy it!:/
Peev of the Week- I covered those in my symptoms lol!  I have to admit though I am feeling a bit frustrated with some of my physical issues I am in no rush to have pregnancy over and done with. Which is strange?  But I thoroughly love being pregnant and will enjoy it too the very last day!  That's the attitude I am keeping!
Bump and Baby
Baby is the size of a winter quash this week. Weighing in at 3 lbs (prb more)
He has a definite sleep wake schedule. 
I finally got his movement on camera and hope to upload it here!
He kicks mostly on my upper right side. It even tickles some times.  He seems to be on a slant. Not head down yet or not as per last ob visit.  I see my Dr every two weeks now.  Going more frequently is making things feel super real now.
Funny story:  I like to watch baby births and labor stories. Every single time the baby is born I cry.  Like it's my own!
I will be a hot mess come this labor.  I even tear up thinking about him being born.  Today I was playing 'song for mama' to practice to special music on mother's day and started tearing up!  My oldest was like 'uh what's wrong? And my youngest just started fake crying to join in! Loool